Chapter 22

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"I could really use your melody. Baby I'm a little blind. I think it's time for you to find me. Can you be my nightingale, sing to me I know you're there." Demi Lovato's song Nightingale played in my head phones as I stared at the back of tamaki's head. We were in the middle school because we wanted to one find out who Shiro liked. And two, well I'm not entirely sure what Tamaki said but I knew it was dramatic and most likely had a 50 percent chance of actually being important.

"So cuute." Tamaki gushed while looking at Haruhi in the ouran middle school uniform

I take that back. Make it 20 percent chance of being something important.

I tilted my head to the side slightly and glanced at Haruhi. She does kind of look cute in the uniform.

Make that 30 percent.

I looked around and just started to take off walking in a random direction.

"I wonder what this door leads to." I pushed the door open to see an empty room.

well bokay.

I walked away from the door and turned around only to run into a wall.

this wall wasn't here before.

oh wait. I reached up and grabbed ahold of a face.

It's just Mori.

I backed up so there was some space between us and let my hands drop from him face.

"Are you following me?" I asked with a small smirk on my face.


"Hn." I said back and walked around him. I looked down at the ground to see his shadow demolishing mine. I took out my headphones and placed them in my pocket. while also turning off the music.

"Hdnth." I stopped suddenly making Mori run into me and make a weird grunting noise. I felt his hands on my waist while he tried to stable himself and not fall on top of me. I couldn't help the little smirk that graced my lips.

"Hi, Mori." I said turning my head to the left. I didn't really have to look behind me because his head was pretty much resting on my shoulder. I patted him on the head and walked forward when he was stable. His hands dropped from my sides and it kind of felt like one of those moments when everything slowed down and the guys hands fall slowly to their sides as the girl walks away.

But good think I wasn't going very far. Plus this wasn't one of those anime shows you watched at home while wishing it was happening to you... now is it.

I made my way over to the others and they had found the person we were looking for. Well more like who they were looking for and an innocent bystander being dragged along with them.

Ooh something shiny.

I walked over to another room and looked into see a room full of Windows. There was plants all along the window sills.

I found the shiny thing to figure out it was a wind chime.

My mom used to have dozens of them placed around the house and outside the window. She even had bird feeders so there was always hummingbird flying around our Windows. There was this one time a humming bird had got inside from the open window.

Dad had a broom in his hand while backed up into a corner. Mom had to be the one to guide it out the window. I always found that funny. How my mom was the brave one. I teased my dad for weeks about it and his face would always get red then he would sulk in the same corner he always hid in.

The only reason I stopped teasing him so much was because mom told me to be nicer to him. Then when she died I didn't really have it in me to tease him anymore. It was more of a dinner table thing. We would laugh, talk, tell stories. We could never take serious matters seriously and it always ended in laughter. That's how us fujioka's dealt with sadness. We made jokes to lighten the mood. But we didn't really do that anymore. It was now only haruhi and me sitting at the dinner table. I would say something to make her smile or she would say something. But besides that.

Our family was just broken. Think of our family like a...a....a puzzle... or a.... vase.

When mom down it was like half of the puzzle disappeared under couch cushions and cracks in the floor. When the vase smashed to the floor and shattered to a million pieces you can glue it back together all you want there are always going to be tiny pieces missing.

But just like a puzzle or a vase. You sometimes magically find a small price that just needs to be added back to the whole picture. And sometimes you find those pieces in the most surprising places.

I turned around and looked up at mori.



He's at least 10 lost pieces to my puzzle. And tamaki. No matter how much I some times hate the guy. He's little pieces the Haruhi's vase. And if I think about it. He's kind of like a piece of mine too. I looked over at the other hosts.

They are all little lost pieces. It may not be the same picture as it was before. But when the piece fits. The piece fits. Why question it.

I have a small requesting

Just a random question.

You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

But what country are you reading this from? And if you also tell me what time it is at this exact moment you are reading these words that would be awesome.

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