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The Sister host (Ohshc reader insert)  by Weird_Weeb_101
The Sister host (Ohshc reader inse...by My old man is a sumbag
Your thrown into the drama filled life or Oran high school, will you survive the host club with your sister Haruhi? And will you find love? (All characters belong to the...
Oblivious || Hikaru Hitachiin Love Story by poisonbeautyrage
Oblivious || Hikaru Hitachiin Love...by M a d d i e
After the death of her parents, Miyoko moves to Japan to live with her uncle and cousin, Haruhi. While attending the prestigious school, Ouran Academy, Miyoko and Haruhi...
Tamaki's Twin (Hikaru x reader) by Emily_Michaelis_432
Tamaki's Twin (Hikaru x reader)by Emily_Michaelis_432
You were Tamaki's sister and he has been begging you to join the host club so males could come in and enjoy it as much as the girls. After having enough with his begging...
Haruhi Has a Brother?! (OHSHC x MaleOC) by Viper_Todd
Haruhi Has a Brother?! (OHSHC x Ma...by Viper_Todd
Disclaimer: I do NOT own any pictures or the characters/plot of OHSHC. I only own my own characters development. Also this is a boyxboy..... so ahem..... there's your wa...
How to Survive a Host Club | OHSHC by Arctic_Sky
How to Survive a Host Club | OHSHCby Arctic (Indefinite Hiatus)
Micah Viano is new. To Japan. To Ouran High School. To having wealth. But especially, she's new to the Host Club. These devastatingly handsome boys (and Haruhi) have mad...
The new Hitachiins toy by Mayanater
The new Hitachiins toyby Mymy
You've known the hitachiin twins since elementary but you've always ignored them because you had to keep up your study's not socialize But when your paired with the two...
The Naughty Type by IWriteYouReadPlease
The Naughty Typeby IWriteYouReadPlease
A teen boy named Ryu Himura moves and starts attending Ouran to get away from his past. His mother says it will help to start new. Ryu wasn't happy about the change but...
OHSHC Boyfriend Scenarios  by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
OHSHC Boyfriend Scenarios by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
Yo, this is a re-write of a story from someone else. The original story will be linked! https://my.w.tt/69bwfvLB4V ^ this is the link to the original Quick warning: som...
Haruhi's Cousin (Hikaru and Kaoru x Reader) by mansdobewritting
Haruhi's Cousin (Hikaru and Kaoru...by A.
Haruhi has a wealthy cousin that the host's never knew. well, she never told them anyway. until one day, she decided to visit Haruhi and the boys, and of course. the Twi...
The Sound Of A Heartbeat (OHSHC x Deaf!Reader) COMPLETED by creamepies
The Sound Of A Heartbeat (OHSHC x...by Author-Chan
Y/N Fujioka is your name, and unfortunately, you're sadly deaf in your game. You're homeschooled because of your condition, but you always get information about the inf...
To Protect ➳ OHSHC by aizawasdaughter
To Protect ➳ OHSHCby Bonjour
Tomohiro Shin is a professionally trained Military kid. He takes on raids, arrests, bodyguard positions, and much, much more. He's reserved and respected by all, even hi...
From the shy to confident type (Ouran High School Host Club x Reader) by hinatasbread
From the shy to confident type (Ou...by The milk to my kageyama
In this story y/n l/n is the daughter of the famous passed away violist, growing up she feared people (except for her sister Bella) She went to ouran with a scholarship...
A Faulty Heart (Hikaru Hitachiin)  by larkobean
A Faulty Heart (Hikaru Hitachiin) by larkobean
What happens when Minami, a shy girl, accompanies her best friend to study at Ouran Academy a private school for rich kids; and, suddenly gets roped into being an errand...
||"She Was The Light To My Darkness"||Kyoya Ootori x Reader|| by Kpleb2017
||"She Was The Light To My Darknes...by Rei
Kyoya Ootori, a second year student of Ouran Academy, the vice president of the Host club, and third son of the noble and wealthy Ootori family. He always thought he had...
The Sexual Types by hannei_fujisaki
The Sexual Typesby kaminari pikachu
two pair of twins come to ouran not knowing the school.one of the twins is male which his name is mitsuki and the other twin is female,and her name is meiko. they're alw...
Kitten {OHSHC} by crispyink
Kitten {OHSHC}by Jasper Brookes
Neko!Male! OC x Ohshc Please don't read this. It's bad. Really bad but people want to I guess. I don't know why I still have it up tho 😙✌️
The Waiter by SkyVeldora871
The Waiterby SkyVeldora871
You were a male with the soul of a female soldier , your older sister said. You were the mother or father of every school you went to. You were their so called Angel. In...
Kashmiri Chai | OHSHC | BoyxBoy • Yaoi • BL by Secret_Admirer23
Kashmiri Chai | OHSHC | BoyxBoy •...by hooman
Satsuki had only wanted to help a new friend in need. He didn't think that by doing that one simple thing, it would lead to this. "Ngghh," Satsuki was crying...
The Otaku Type-Ohshc by ShihoFujioka
The Otaku Type-Ohshcby Gothic Geek💀
Shiho Fujioka: Haruhi's Cousin is accepted into Ouran Senior Academy by getting a scholarship. He meets up with Haruhi and joins the Host Club. While he's there, The Ho...