Unlovable by randomspazz
Unlovableby randomspazz
Kagami Tsukino is starting her first year at Ouran High School, and she has two goals. One: spend her high school life as quietly as possible, and two: avoid the Hitachi...
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Our Little Prankster  |  Hikaru x reader x Kaoru  | Ouran High School Host Club by thebestusername4ever
Our Little Prankster | Hikaru x...by thebestusername4ever
A commoner named Y/N L/N has lived in Japan since she was born. She only had two friends, her best friends, Hikaru and Kaoru. When Y/N turned 10 she and her mom moved to...
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Stuck In The Middle ⟼ Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru by bryblooms
Stuck In The Middle ⟼ Hikaru x Rea...by ˗ˏˋ bry ˎˊ˗
[Being Translated into Spanish, German, Italian and (possibly) French!] Spanish Translation: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/Mxc2sWdHkH German Translation: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/xp...
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Ouran High School Host Club Imagines by _Jessee_
Ouran High School Host Club Imagin...by _Jessee_
Ouran High imagines. Requests are open!! 7/30/17 UPDATE: I have included match-ups, head cannons, and gif reactions! Requests are open!! Enjoy~~
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How to love- Kyoya Ootori love story.  by howtosuckjin101
How to love- Kyoya Ootori love sto...by howtosuckjin101
Sakura Fujioka is the older sister of Haruhi. She has anxiety and doesn't like meeting new people. Ouran Academy made a mistake and she Sakura attends the elite school w...
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  • ranka
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OHSHC x reader One Shots! (COMPLETE) by RinbeFree
OHSHC x reader One Shots! (COMPLET...by Make•Me•Free
a bunch of X reader one shots with the hosts and other characters
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OHSHC x Reader One Shots (REQUESTS CLOSED) by courtz12345
OHSHC x Reader One Shots (REQUESTS...by Courtney
Going to start writing a bunch of one shots with different host. I will take request be a bit specific with your requests please and I will also be doing lemons. I do no...
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Street Rat (OHSHC) by Sinful-stories
Reichiru is a girl who grew up on the streets, known by most as a Street Rat. And everyone knows that the rich, first class pooches will never interact with the grimy St...
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The Third Devious Hitachiin by Lava98
The Third Devious Hitachiinby Satan's Child
Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are identical twin brothers, but actually, that's a lie, there's one more. The Hitachiin triplets. Shizuka Hitachiin was sent to America when...
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Invisible || Kyoya Ootori || by SingingGeekyBookWorm
Invisible || Kyoya Ootori ||by Celestias
All of her life, Fumika Fujioka has been invisible. Not literally, but close. Fumika has always been in the background while her sister, Haruhi, was in the spotlight. It...
  • haruhi
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  • takashi
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The little sister type |E D I T I N G| (OHSHC) by Sherry-star
The little sister type |E D I T I...by さくら 윤아
Hi, I'm Akari and I'm 16. I started going to Ouran high school. I meet a girl named Haruhi, and we go to an abandoned music room where we meet 6 boys. One thing led to a...
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Ouran Highschool Host Club Preferences/Boyfriend Scenarios by My_Current_Obsession
Ouran Highschool Host Club Prefere...by Alex
Hey! I'm Ali. Also known as My_Current_Obsession! I'm the author of this book and I LOVE Ouran! It's probably one of my favorite shows :3 but anyways, this book is of a...
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Their Little Toy <Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru> by SnailTheGr8
Their Little Toy by Kyloki
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Various X Reader OneShots + Lemons by KellyJellyNomNom
Various X Reader OneShots + Lemonsby KellyJellyNomNom
Read the title, that explains it all. Btw, lemon means sexual content, if you don't like, then don't read. And I am taking requests, so please feel free to say a charact...
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The Scars Unseen (OHSHC) by klypso01
The Scars Unseen (OHSHC)by klypso01
Risa Soretzu has always been in the shadows, passed over at school and abused at home, she struggles to simply keep breathing at times. Ever since her mother and brothe...
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Jezebel's Story (Ouran High School Host Club) COMPLETE *Under Edit* by oddgirl97
Jezebel's Story (Ouran High School...by oddgirl97
Jezebel a sweet and shy girl who didn't like change, and youngest triplet of the Hitachiin's. She was the girly girl of the family and always looked up to her older brot...
  • kyoya
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Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader) by Dragoraven24
Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader)by Dragoraven24
Your best friend drags you to her favorite club and the second you step inside Music Room 3, you hate it. But you find yourself in a situation that you cannot get out of...
  • regret
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Who Are You? (Ohshc x Reader) [COMPLETED] by Zer0_Blank
Who Are You? (Ohshc x Reader) [COM...by Zer0_Blank
When Y/N finally returns to school after 9 years of homeschool, she's in for a treat. She is disguised as a boy for her own reasons, joins the host club including her co...
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The Rebellious ((OHSHC)) by squigglepanda
The Rebellious ((OHSHC))by Squiggle
Haruhi x Male! OC
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Engaged To The Host [Hikaru × Kaoru × Reader] OHSHC by XxB-POTATOxX
Engaged To The Host [Hikaru × Kaor...by ↬ოια
"You have to kiss me", Hikaru said. I sighed and reconsidered my options. Nope, there is no way getting out of this. I sat up straight again slightly startling...
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