The Disciplined Type(Ouran High School Host Club) by ShilohChoice
The Disciplined Type(Ouran High Sc...by short~girl~syndrome
(MaleOCxhost) Haruhi had stumbled upon music room 3, broke a vase, and was now being forced to pay the price. Forced to join the Ouran Host Club, Haruhi meets all the...
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  • hitachiin
  • wattpride
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The little sister type |E D I T I N G| (OHSHC) by Sherry-star
The little sister type |E D I T I...by さくら 윤아
Hi, I'm Akari and I'm 16. I started going to Ouran high school. I meet a girl named Haruhi, and we go to an abandoned music room where we meet 6 boys. One thing led to a...
  • mitsukuni
  • haruhi
  • mori
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The Twin's Triplet {OHSHC} by lovekitty411
The Twin's Triplet {OHSHC}by LK411
Yoru Hitachiin is the unknown triplet of Hikaru and Kaoru. Mr. and Mrs. Hitachiin got divorced when they were 5, and Yoru went to live with her dad while Hikaru and Kaor...
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Invisible || Kyoya Ootori || by SingingGeekyBookWorm
Invisible || Kyoya Ootori ||by Celestias
All of her life, Fumika Fujioka has been invisible. Not literally, but close. Fumika has always been in the background while her sister, Haruhi, was in the spotlight. It...
  • hitachiin
  • tamaki
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Engaged To The Host [Hikaru × Kaoru × Reader] OHSHC by XxB-POTATOxX
Engaged To The Host [Hikaru × Kaor...by ↬ოια
"You have to kiss me", Hikaru said. I sighed and reconsidered my options. Nope, there is no way getting out of this. I sat up straight again slightly startling...
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Pink Usagi {OHSHC Honey-senpai} by celestial_mage_lucy
Pink Usagi {OHSHC Honey-senpai}by celestial_mage_lucy
Kanami, Itsumi isn't one of your ordinary rich girl, to be exact, she isn't rich at all. She's a commoner, who became an honor student at Ouran Academy. What happens whe...
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OHSHC Boyfriend Scenarios by _AnimeObssessor_
OHSHC Boyfriend Scenariosby Penny Nikos
Ever wanted to date the Ouran boys? Well, now you can at least pretend to be! Let your imagination go wild! My Requests are currently Open! The characters I make scenari...
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Stuck In The Middle ⟼ Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru by bryblooms
Stuck In The Middle ⟼ Hikaru x Rea...by ˗ˏˋ bry ˎˊ˗
[Being Translated into Spanish, German, Italian and (possibly) French!] Spanish Translation: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/Mxc2sWdHkH German Translation: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/xp...
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Character x Male!Reader by Choco_Bananas
Character x Male!Readerby Sweet Sinnamon Daddy
Coming this (insert whatever season it is right now): A radically awesome one shot series about you! *Points at reader* But wait! There's more! Not only are you, well...
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The Third Devious Hitachiin by Lava98
The Third Devious Hitachiinby Satan's Child
Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are identical twin brothers, but actually, that's a lie, there's one more. The Hitachiin triplets. Shizuka Hitachiin was sent to America when...
  • mori
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Ouran Highschool Host Club Preferences/Boyfriend Scenarios by My_Current_Obsession
Ouran Highschool Host Club Prefere...by Alex
Hey! I'm Ali. Also known as My_Current_Obsession! I'm the author of this book and I LOVE Ouran! It's probably one of my favorite shows :3 but anyways, this book is of a...
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Guns, Knives, Host clubs and wait... by 22shawm
Guns, Knives, Host clubs and wait...by A demon courting insanity
Koro-Sensei didn't die after Nagisa's final blow, instead Kurasama had secretly coated it in something that managed to turn him back into a human. Now with their target...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • ohshc
  • crossover
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Kitten ((OHSHC))  by squigglepanda
Kitten ((OHSHC)) by Squiggle
Neko!Male! OC x Ohshc
  • anime
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The Scars Unseen (OHSHC) by klypso01
The Scars Unseen (OHSHC)by klypso01
Risa Soretzu has always been in the shadows, passed over at school and abused at home, she struggles to simply keep breathing at times. Ever since her mother and brothe...
  • abuse
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
  • haruhi
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Jezebel's Story (Ouran High School Host Club) COMPLETE *Under Edit* by oddgirl97
Jezebel's Story (Ouran High School...by oddgirl97
Jezebel a sweet and shy girl who didn't like change, and youngest triplet of the Hitachiin's. She was the girly girl of the family and always looked up to her older brot...
  • kaoru
  • ouran
  • kyoya
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Kitten in the Host Club 《Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji x Ouran crossover》 by Lava98
Kitten in the Host Club 《Black But...by Satan's Child
I'm Zandra Michaelis. Yes, I'm the daughter of Sebastian Michaelis. I am 4,517 years old, but look around the age of 15 or 16. My father says I'm the split image of my m...
  • blackbutler
  • thompson
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Who Are You? (Ohshc x Reader) [COMPLETED] by Zer0_Blank
Who Are You? (Ohshc x Reader) [COM...by Zer0_Blank
When Y/N finally returns to school after 9 years of homeschool, she's in for a treat. She is disguised as a boy for her own reasons, joins the host club including her co...
  • kyoya
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Blue Butterfly [Amajiki Tamaki] by Jelly-zero
Blue Butterfly [Amajiki Tamaki]by Jelly-Jess
[Reader x Amajiki Tamaki] Butterflies are considered as small and harmless, but little did they know that one peculiar butterfly was extremely venomous. [Name] sets off...
  • quirks
  • fanfiction
  • slowburn
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The One (OHSHC FanFiction) by flames_of_freedom
The One (OHSHC FanFiction)by flames_of_freedom
"Some people are like sunshine, while some are like moonlight. Sunshine people can shine on their own and can even give light to others. Definitely not me," I...
  • tamaki
  • takashi
  • hikaru
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The Wife/Motherly Type (OHSHC x Male! Oc/Reader)(BoyxBoy) by RosenNeko
The Wife/Motherly Type (OHSHC x Ma...by RosenNeko
Hello! I am Ukari, Miyoko! Yes, I am a girl. However, my precious Iitaka is not! And he is to be my wife! "Miyoko!" "Gomen, gomen." Anywho, Iitaka is...
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