Chapter 15

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I heard a crash and then Haruhi's voice so I took off running in that direction. When I got there I saw Haruhi's contacts out of place while she was trying to fix it and made her eye water. I walked over to her quickly and made her look me in the eye. She was talking to Tamaki but i was to busy being concerned for her. I did see two guys though and by the look on their faces i could see they were provoked. And if i had to guess who i would do something like that then it would be Renge who was becoming even less amusing by the second she was hear. If anything I found her annoying.

"I guess you are now a true host." Tamaki said because Haruhi cried with out tear drops. I let out a sigh and rested my head against the wall. "Are you sure you're alright?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I am just glad Aika didn't get to them first. I'm sure if she went off on them instead of you there would have been nothing left of them." Haruhi said and I could feel everyone look at me. But thankfully the attention was drawn away from me when there was a crash. I looked over to see Kyoya had smashed the camera lens with a rock. I smiled and shook my head walking away. Ah yes the host club. what would my life be with out them, I though with my hands in my pockets and a small smile on my face.

Time skip

The next day we had come to school early so Haruhi could host in this some times entertaining host club. I was feeling very energetic today and had actually fallen asleep last night. Which was a nice surprise.

I was currently sitting by one of the Windows closest to the door just in case I need to make a quick exit. Though when I just started to get to the good part in my book I heard the words I never wanted to hear again in that specific order. Just them saying it made me want to rip out my own hair.

"Protective lovers!" The fan girls squealed and I looked at all of them confused. Mori wasn't even near me right now. I even looked over my shoulders to make sure he was not standing next to me.

"I ship them so hard." One of the girls said.

"I've come up with aiori, morkia, maika, aori, and still coming up with more!" The second girl said and I actually face palmed.

"Did you see the pictures of the two Kyoya is selling?" A third girl asked walking over with a booklet in her hands. "Do you think Aika sempi would sign this for me if I asked her?" The girls looked over at me while I had my face laying in my book hoping I can unheard everything that I just heard.

"I don't know she seems kind of depressed." The first girl said and I hit my head against the book again.

"Do you think it's because Mori's not with her?" The second girl asked and I swear I could scream. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder and begged and pleaded that it was not Mori who was next to me because knowing my luck it would be and I would never be able to get rid of the fan girls.

I looked back to find Haruhi standing there and I instantly hugged her whisker still sitting down..

"You do know that Kyoya sempi is selling a booklet based on you and Mori sempi right?" She asked and I banged my head against her stomach.

"Yes I know. I also know someone is going to die tonight." I muttered and the room dropped 10° instantly.

"Uh Aika your kind of scaring me right now." Haruhi said patting me on the back. "Plus we have to get to class soon." Haruhi paused. "And also if you kill him you would most likely raise my debt."

"Please Tamaki and you will most likely end up together and he will make your debt disappear with the snap of his kingly fingers. Of course after he gets done sulking in his corner." I said and Haruhi let out a huff.

"You can't just kill people anyways Aika, now come on we have to get to class." Haruhi said completely ignoring my other statement.

I sighed and got up from my seat heading for the door. I reached over and grabbed one of the booklets that had Mori and me on the cover. It was a picture of the day that Mori had picked me up to save me from Tamaki. I furrowed my eyebrows at the picture then remembered kyoya had actually taken a picture of us.

I opened to the next page and saw the time Mori had placed an ice cube in my mouth when I burnt my tongue. Then there was the time me and him were practicing dancing. Another one was in wood shop class with Mori standing behind me tying my hair in a pony tail. Then there was the time I had fallen asleep and rested my head on Mori while holding honey in my arms.

I flipped to the last page and saw that moment in the making of the film when we had kissed. Underneath it there was a link to watch the entire movie.

So this was what kyoya had been talking about when he said he had only broke the camera lenses

When I was looking down at the booklet I heard the door open and turned to see haruhi walking out to go to class. I then saw honey coming my way and I placed the booklet down. Honey grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door. Mori not that far behind with a bag slung over his shoulder.

Today was going to be a long day.

Time skip

Wood shop.

I was peacefully sitting in my chair waiting for the teacher to get here and tell us to work on our project, that we already got done, or start a new one.

"Can we get a picture with you two?" Two girls asked Mori and me. We both looked at them and they had a light blush on their cheeks while other people were talking about how we were 'protective lovers'

"Mm." Mori said nodding his head once to them then all of them looked at me. I let out a small sigh and nodded my head as well. They let out a squeal and came closer to us to take a picture.

"Can we also get a picture of just the two of you?" One of the girls asked and I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Why would you need a picture of the two of us when you have one of the booklets." I asked looking at the booklet sticking out of her bag.

"I was hoping to get a personally picture of the two of you to show the true side of you." The girls then started going on and on about other things and I raised my hand. They cut themselves off and looked at me.

"Yes, you can take a picture." I said just so then they would stop talking. The two girls smiled brightly and raised their phone to take the picture. Mori suddenly wrapped an arm around my waist then placed his forehead against the side of my head closing his eyes. My eyes widened and then the camera went off.

"Perfect! Thank you!" They said together and ran off. Mori pulled his head away from me and slowly removed his arm just as the teach walked in.

Oh yes.

Today was definitely going to be a long day.

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