Chapter 33

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"Aren't most girls supposed to be afraid of insects?" Hikaru asked us and haruhi just shrugged her shoulders.

"Aren't most guys supposed to be the ones to kill the insect and not squeal like a toddler?" I asked and the twins looked at me with a big smirk on their faces. They looked over at tamaki who pouted at my words. He was after all the one who squealed the loudest. Though the twins shouldn't be smirking they squealed as well.

Oh no

Tamaki went to his corner, and the guests were still on the beach. This is not the time for mushroom growing, corner pouting, Tamaki Souh. Right now he is supposed to be a "Prince." or "King" like he says he is. This.

well this is just pathetic.

Letting out a sigh i walked over to tamaki and sat down on the sand leaning my back against the rock he was sulking next to seeing as there were no corners available at the time. Tamaki glanced at me then looked away quickly while making this pouting noise. I rolled my eyes and reached over poking his cheek. He froze. He had this surprised look on his face and he looked over at me with wide eyes. I rolled my eyes again and poked him on the forehead.

"Pouting isn't going to get you anything. If you are offended by something say something back. I was teasing. It was a joke. haha funny. If i went and pouted everytime something didn't get my way i would never had gotten into Ouran. so stop it." i poked him on the other cheek and he was listening to me attentively. "I know you're smarter than you act. I've seen it. And here's a little secret." I signaled for him to lean in a little bit. "If you're going to pout in a corner. do it where other people can't see it. like our guest for example. and also. Don't tell anyone i told you this...but....." i whispered in his ear and his eyes widened just slightly before he stood up with a big smile on his face.

"Really?" He asked. I nodded my head and he stuck out a hand to help me up.

"But you cant tell anyone i told you." i pointed at him before grabbing his hand and letting him pull me up.

"Of course!" Tamaki said excitedly. "My Daughter trusts me!" He leaped for joy and attacked me in a hug.

"Okay Tamaki. That's enough. Go entertain your guest." i said pushing him off me.

"Right." He stood up straight like someone from the army and saluted me before running off to his guests.

"What did you say to him?" Haruhi asked in wonder. Her head was tilted to the side watching Tamaki leaping in the air and letting out random spurts of laughter. He had a wide smile on his face as though nothing in the world could drag him down.

"Nothing important. But hey. It worked." I said shrugging my shoulders with a small smile on my face as well.

"You know it's not going to last long right?" She asked

"oh yes definitely, I give it 8 hours." I said nodding my head.

"My Daughter trusts me!" I heard Tamaki shout again and shook my head walking away from everyone.

"I would argue but i think you're right." Haruhi said following after me.

"Of course i am." I joked.

Haruhi shook her head at me. i rolled my eyes at her then looked over my shoulder at the boys to see them talking about something.

"I wonder what they are talking about." i said and Haruhi looked back when Kyoya took out some small pieces of paper that looked about the size of a picture.

"About us most likely." Haruhi said and i nodded my head in agreement.

"Yup." i said slowly. "want to act like we didn't see anything a hopefully not get involved?" i asked.

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