Chapter 28

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The warning bell for the start of class went off just as I slide into the classroom. Making my way over to my desk that was placed in between the only people I actually hang out with on a daily biases. And if you didn't know who that was that would be Mori and honey.

I let out a sigh of relief when my books hit the desk and I could finally sit down. For the first four hours of the school day I had been up and moving. Haruhi had forgot something in my locker. Tamaki wanted to talk to me about.... something, I think it was about potatoes. Kyoya was going over some things he wanted Moro and me to try to get the fan girls to come to us more. Then he patted me on the head and told me if I ever touch his calender again I would disappear. Honey wanted a piggy back ride to the first two hours of our classes. The twins were flirting with me and wanted help on pranking Tamaki.


I am now taking this chance to relax. I just have this class and one more before the host club drags Haruhi and me to the beach or where ever they have planned. I know they have something planned.

And I knew for sure we were doing something when my dad came in and started packing our clothes into suitcases. I didn't feel like arguing seeing as he was still upset that I didn't let him put me in that dress for the ball a couple weeks back.

And the more that I thought about it.

The more I didn't care what we were doing this week as long as I can have some time to myself. Or ever if that couldn't happen just a little silence would be wonderful. I don't want a lot. Just enough time to stop thinking, not have to listen to people, and be surrounded by a some what peaceful environment.

I felt a hand placed in mine and glanced over to see mori holding my hand that was sitting on the desk. His thumb ran up and down the back of my hand. I used my elbow on the desk and then raised my free hand to place the Palm of my hand on my forehead and my fingers rested in my hair which helped keep it out of my face.

"Mori." I mumbled looking over at him. He looked over at me then back to the front of the class when our teacher came in and started her lecture.

"Hn?" He hummed looking at me from the corner of his eyes again then back to the white board in the front of the class.

"Never mind." I said turning my attention to the teacher. I didn't really know what I was going to say to him anyways. I thought something would come to me. The only thing in that conversation I had planned out was saying his name and if he ignored me saying his actual name.

"What?" Mori whispered in my ear.

I wasn't expecting that and jumped in my seat.

"I forgot." I said and looked over at him through my eye lashes. He gave me a small smile which made this weird fluttering feeling in my stomach and my heart was the strings of a guitar that happened to be plucked every time he looked at me. I didn't know if the vibration in my chest was a good thing or a bad thing. But I wouldn't mind have that feeling again to figure it out.

"What did you forget." Wow four words in a row.

"How would I know what I forgot if I forgot it?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows at him.

He shrugged his shoulders. I don't know why but that simple action made my face light up with a bright smile.

"What?" He asked which made me smile even more.

"It's nothing. You're just cute when you do that." I said. We had been keeping eye contact all this time and I couldn't help but search every different shift of color in his grey eyes.

"Do what?" He asked leaning forward. This is the longest conversation I have ever had with him. He was actually talking to me. I didn't even notice when the teacher ended her speech and told us to do what ever she had asked us to do. I was to busy not having a care in the world but the person sitting beside me.

"Everything." I mumbled. My eyes widened the same time his did and I pulled my face back after realizing how closely we had moved to one another. We were about two centimeters from our noses touching.

"Over protective lovers!" The girls in the room squealed and for once I was glad they were around. They had actually given me the time to think of a way to make sure it wasn't awkward between us.

Reaching out quickly I placed the Palm of my hand on his cheek and stroked it gently. Moving some hair out of his face I leaned in and left a 4 second gentle kiss on his lips.

After that I pulled away fully and gave him a wink. His hand was still in mine so I tapped the back of his hand 3 times. Mori then leaned in and placed a lasting kiss on my forehead.

Okay. So I should probably explain. Over the past week Mori and me had come up with a little code to communicate to one another to tell the other person what to do when in front of the fan girls.

One tap is, a hug.

Two taps is, a kiss on the lips.

Three taps is, a kiss on the forehead or cheek

Four taps is a, surprise me.

Then there is five taps. Which means I am going to do something extravagant so play along and don't freak out if I do something. Well extravagant.


We haven't used the fifth one yet but in due time I'm sure it will come up.

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