Chapter 63

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I know it's short but when I get around to making the next chapter I will try to make it longer and more full of Mori and Aika Action. ;p 

"Look out for the banana pe--" Their bodies dropping onto the stage made me cringe. That was going to leave a bruise. I looked over to my dad who was laying on the stage with the rest of the host club. 

When Mori finally saw me he was the first one up and over to me. 

"Hi- mnn!" Mori leaned down and placed a quick kiss on my lips. 

"My parents had business to attend to, but you'll meet them next time, promise.." Mori said placing his lips against the side of my head. I shouldn't of been, but I was kind of relieved. 


Next time could not have came at a better time. It was the night of the, Halloween - Test of courage- tournament, class 1-A was throwing. Not that I didn't want to be there to make sure Haruhi was alight, but she was growing up and sometimes needed to do things on her own.... plus when I actually get sacred, it's not good for others. It's not like I intend to punch people when they jump out at me... I can't help it. reflexes. 

So meeting Mori's parents was ten times better then breaking a kids nose tonight. 

"You sure you're going to be okay?" Dad asked placing his hands on the side of my face. I was going over to meet them after school. The way dad was reacting was as if I was going to be taken away forever. 

I rolled my shoulders and readjusted my bag on my shoulder. I've been having this repetitive conversation for ten minutes. "Yes, now can I go to school, Haruhi is going to end up walking all the way there by herself." I thought I could use her as an excuse but dad wasn't having it.

"My little girl is-"

"All growing up, yes yes." I opened the door, two more steps and I'm out of the house.


Walking through the front doors I automatically made my way to home room. Because it was Halloween and everyone was talking about the contest most of the teachers decided to let it be a free day so everyone could catch up instead of stressing at home. Me personally wanted to finish this book I had been reading. I just had a couple more pages to go and I wanted to know if the girl in the story was going to confront her parents about the things going on in her life. The book was honestly kind of dark. If the character was in front of me now, a think she needs a thousand hugs and 'it gets better's 

Walking into the class room I found Mori and sat beside him instantly and pulled open the book.

I couldn't believe I was on the last page. This was it.

I read over a couple lines and wondered why the main character was getting out a pen and piece of paper.

Looking around my dimly lit room I held my bottom lip between my teeth and just decided the hell with it.

'You wanna know what's sad. Well not even sad, tiring?

Waking up every morning and wondering if I should have even opened my eyes. Was there even a point? Opening that is?

"The same thing, another day"

And everyone thinks I'm kidding when I say, "run me over!"

"End me now."

"Oh god just shoot me."

Kind of tiring how I can make others smile by telling them how I really wanna just die inside.

Tired of having to live up to everyone's expectations and letting them down every day cause I know I'm not the perfect daughter or bubbliest friend. But is it really my fault when I'll be sitting in the car getting yelled at that I need a life, a job, to go out more. Then when I do all that, get a full time job. And you complain I'm not home enough to do chorus and threaten to kick me out. I go and try and get a life then you cry to me how I'm never there for my family and that I need to stop spending so much time with my only friend. Or how about the fact that they get mad at me when I don't do something cause 'all I do is sleep my day away.' Man, sometimes I just wanna never wake up and just be in coma. But then again, you'd yell at me for that too, huh?

Kind of... sad. When this is the first thing I've written in months, months! How i've lost all my passion for writing and smiling when I think of all the stories I could tell. But now I'm so caught up in living up the fantasy you've made me in your head that I'm so drained even the tears cant fall from my cheeks. I keep letting everyone down and blame myself cause I don't like placing the blame... but sometimes I wonder when you will take blame for all this pain. All this pain that i've bottled up inside that even you can see but you just let it slide cause it can't be as bad as the disappointment in me you already see, I know I'm not perfect, yet I try to be. Sometimes I wonder why you favor my brother but then I look at him and know even I'd choose him over me. Cause when I do let out a cry at night he'll at least offer to hold me....

You push and you push and I wonder when I'm gonna break.... But then again I think we both know I was broken when life became more about grades.

And I have so much I want to say to you but I know you'll throw it my face say how i need to grow up and learn my place.

I'm tired. '  (Sorry I haven't updated in a while.)

Looking up from the book I closed it. Another cliff hanger, that or she was going to give it to her parents. I guess I would just have to see what was going to happen in the next book. 

A small sigh let my lips capturing Mori's attention. 

"Hn?" Mori questioned leaning closer to me and pressed his forehead against mine. 

I smiled and placed a kiss on his lips. "Nothing, just reading."


"So this is the famous girl Mitsukuni has been talking about," Mrs. Morinozuka said smiling at me. Mr.Morinozuka standing beside her as I shook each of their hands. 

"Pleasure to finally meet you." I smiled at them but then turned slightly to raise an eyebrow at Honey who was grinning ear to ear. 

"HI, Ai-chan." Honey continued to smile at me and then run off to who knows where. 

Bringing my attention back to Mori's mom and dad we continued to talk, thankfully not about the weather. 

Surprisingly it was going extremely well. I can't remember what I was nervous about. 

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