Chapter 56

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I ended up sleeping the rest of the day. I only woke up when Haruhi closed the door behind her and walked into the bathroom to see me still in the tub. 

"Have you been there all day?" Haruhi asked and I just nodded my head. "You know, you missed out on an interesting day. Honey had a cavity. It was a mess. But everything is fine now. Mori- senpai missed you along with everyone else. They were all worried." Haruhi kneels down beside me and brushes some hair out of my face. "How are you feeling?" She asked.

I looked up at her through my eyelashes. "I wanna sleep." I mumbled pulling the blankets farther up my body. 

"I think this is the most sleep you've had... ever." Haruhi furrowed her eyebrows. "And yes I notice you leave the bed in the middle of the night."

"I think I'll be able to go to school tomorrow." I mumbled sitting up to finally leave the tub. 

"No you wont."


"Tomorrow's Saturday."

"Oh," I mumbled laying back down. 

"Yea," Haruhi said handing me a pillow that happened to fall out of the tub. "I'll make dinner. You just sleep."


"Aika... get up.... you're not sick anymore." Haruhi stood next to me on my side of the bed.

"But why nooooot?" I groaned pressing my face into the pillow. 

Haruhi pulled it away only to hit me with it. "You would think you missed seeing your boyfriend."

"My bed is more important."

"I'll tell him that."

"Go for it." I pulled the covers over my head and relaxed. 

Haruhi pulled the covers off my and threw it in a pile in the corner of the room. "Get. up. We are not having a repeat of what happened last time." Haruhi walked out of our room not closing the door so she could keep her eye on me. 

I laid on my back looking up at the ceiling. 


I'll get up today.


I was greeted with a passionate kiss and being dipped back almost making me lose my balance. 

"Damn," I mumbled against his lips. "What was that for?" I questioned looking into his grey eyes. 

"I missed you." He said standing me back up so I could pull away. 

"Well." I wrapped my arms around his neck and moved closer. "If that's the kind of greeting I get I should go away more often." I smirked.

Mori gave me this look and I couldn't help the grin that stretched across my face. 

"Still like me a little bit?" I asked pulling away from him again and made my way to our normal couch. 

"Just a lot." Takashi was right behind me whispering in my ear. 

"Come on, no need to lie." I turned around to face him to see he was serious, I mean when wasn't he. But still. 

When I kept looking at him, he tilted his head to the side giving me a questioning look and scooted closer. "What?" he asked placing his forehead against mine.

I smiled softly at him. "I'm just wondering when you'll get sick of me."

Mori didn't even bother responding to that and kissed me on the lips and gave me a look instead. 

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