Chapter 62

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Maybe I should just give up. I mean come on this is getting ridiculous. Every time I think I'm going to have a normal day something like this happens and I have to deal with more drama. I was getting ready to go meet Takashi's parent. Haruhi asked me if I would want to go to the store with her real quick cause she didn't want to be stuck with the host club like last time.

I mean I couldn't really blame her, sometimes the host club was a little to much for one person to handle.

So thinking nothing of it I left the house with Haruhi to go to the supermarket.

...we didn't even make it to the sidewalk.... not even the damn sidewalk.

I wanted a cookie. I had had been making enough money from babysitting our neighbors kids that I was going to by some cookies. We never get junkish foods. Correction, we don't get Premade junk food. I normal make the stuff home made.

But not the point. The point is, Haruhi was right, we got kidnapped, and I didn't get my premade cookie.

I looked around the big rehearsal room trying to make out the long speech Benio was giving. All I really got out of it was that one of her performers broke their leg and wanted Haruhi to perform in the play. She wanted to put me in the play as well but I said I was loyal to Mori and couldn't, wouldn't, kiss her. 

"I'm going home," Haruhi said making her way for the door with me close behind. 

Benio got quiet for a moment before talking about her dead mother and how she would be disappointed that they would have to cancel the play that was in her honor. 

Haruhi looked over to me the same time I looked over at her. 

"Fine," Haruhi sighed. 

"Hn," I hummed shrugging my shoulders. "I'll stay on the side lines, I'm still not kissing you."

"Understood," Benio nodded enthusiastically. 

We both turned around, she placed her hands on her hips and I crossed mine over my chest.

I hope she knows Haruhi can't act. 


While Haruhi was practicing her lines with Benio some of the other girls had made there way over to me. They never even introduced themselves, they just started talking to me as though we were friends. 

Girl one was smiling and patting their eyes at me. 

Girl two was just staring. 

And girl three started off asking me questions but ended up telling me their entire backstory. 

I smiled and nodded my head at all of them, just smile and nod, smile and nod. 


Third pov

"Haruhi and Aika have always failed their music class." Ryouji said worried for everyone's ears. 

That was always the one class she failed cause one, she didn't want to be noticed. And two, she refused to sing for anyone back then. She was stubborn about it too, that's the main reason her grade dropped. 

When Haruhi opened her mouth all of the Host club and Ryouji were surprised, until the tape started to glitch and spark out. 

Haruhi looked over to Aika who was leaning back in a seat in the corner of the room amused. "Aika could sing the part..." Haruhi said and Ryouji cringed again. 

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