Chapter 13

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The next day I had this feeling that something was going to happen. I didn't know if it was going to be good or bad. I jus knew something was going to happen. I was currently sitting on the couch at home and looking at the door waiting for dad to get home. I looked at the clock to see it was past midnight and decided I had had enough. I got off the couch and slid my shoes on. Walking out the door I grabbed the keys to the house and started walking to my dads work which right now he was working at the bar. He has been working hard and I have been taking baby sitting jobs to get a little extra money for groceries.

When I made it to dad's work I saw that he had just walked out of the building. I let out a sigh of relief. But that was short lived when two guys came out of the shadows. One of them had a knife and I walked quickly to my dad.

When the guy with the knife pushed my dad against the wall I ran up to them and smashed the guy with the knifes face in. He let go of my dad and fell to the ground. The other guy came at me and I grabbed his arm and pulled his forward to slam my knee into his gut and kicked him in the no no zone. and I knew he was not going to get up from that. The guy who owned the bar came out and called the cops. I grabbed my dads arm and pulled him away. He was shocked at what just happened.

"Let's go home." I said to him and I was suddenly attacked with a hug.

"That was so brave you are such a good girl, you're daddy's little girl. Daddy's little girl kicked some butt." My dad said rubbing his face against mine. I let out a sigh and started walking with my dad attacked to me. I knew the cops would not be there for a little bit and I knew the owner off the bar would cover for us seeing as this has happened many times around this place. and only some of the times I have been hear to deal with it. And the thing is I learned how to do that by watching a action movie. Cool huh?

I got back to the house or apartment what ever you want to call it and opened the door. Dad finally let go of my arm and was talking a mile a minute about something random.

"So how was your day at school?" He asked and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Same as always. I little bit of drama a little bit of sarcasm and I lot of the host club." I said looked around the room I would have to clean up tomorrow or something. This place is getting dusty. "I'm going to bed."

"Alright. My little girl needs her beauty sleep. Cause what are we fujiokas with out our looks right?" He asked rhetorically. I nodded my head and went into Haruhi and mines room. Pulling the covers away I got in and closed my eyes. 

Even with what happened earlier the feeling I got still hasn't gone away. Well I guess there is more to come in the morning. I though and drifted off to sleep.


shut up


shut up.


shut up


"Hit the snooze." I mumbled and I felt Haruhi move and heard the alarm clock stop beeping.

"Do we have to go to school today?" She asked though I knew we were actually going to school. If we didn't I am sure the entire host club is going to end up in our door step

"Let's go back to sleep and answer that question later." I said in response 

"Sounds good to me." Haruhi said and we both went back to sleep.




not yet


"I am going to kill that alarm clock." I said and Haruhi chuckled.


"If you did that we would never go to school." Haruhi said.


"I don't see the problem with that."


"Then our scholarship would mean nothing." Haruhi said and I didn't want to admit it but she was right.


"Plus just think. the host club would throw a fit and end up coming after us." I said and Haruhi hit the snooze again and then turned off the alarm clock.

"And that is the real reason I am getting out of bed." Haruhi said and it was my turn to chuckle.

"We also need to go shopping." I said and sat up. "I got some extra money from baby sitting last weekend." Haruhi nodded her head and let out a yawn. She covered her mouth before getting dressed into her uniform. I got up and slid on some jean and a blue blouse. I was going to wear a t shirt but it was to far away and I didn't feel like walking over to the small dresser in the corner.

"Isn't that girl who clams to be the host club manager going to be there today as well?" She asked and I nodded my head.

"She's funny." I said and Haruhi glanced my way while putting on her tie.

"I could tell see as you don't usually laugh that hard. And I must admit I found her amusing. Though I don't understand why everyone is letting her get away with this. But knowing the host club.... yeah."

I let out a laugh and shook my head.   I start to hum I'm already there by lonestar. Haruhi hummed as well and we got all ready for school and packed our lunches.

"Ready for another interesting day?" I asked and Haruhi nodded. I opened the door and she walked out. I was right behind her while putting the keys in my pocket.

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