Chapter 34

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I ran to the edge and leaped into the air. The air around me was whipping through my hair and I only had one thing on my mind. I had to get her.

But I'm jumping a head of myself.

I'm going to go back a little bit in the story.

It started with Haruhi and me sitting around on the beach, Honey had just locked us in the back of the police truck not to long ago and the others seemed to be acting strange as well. Mori pointed a sharp object at us. Tamaki came over with a spider, though of course he wasn't touching the spider he had gloves on and was carrying it in a jar. the twin were messing with Haruhi but had decided to leave me alone after what had happened in the caves.

I still get a little chuckle out of that.

But soon she had to entertain her guest. I didn't see a problem with that seeing as I had been with her for almost all day, and I think the other girls were starting to get jealous. Though what I find interesting is that the minute Haruhi walked off Mori was heading my way. Honey was currently talking to the police force about something and then ran off to his guest. So I think it's time for us to entertain our guests. Mori seemed to have the same idea in mind. For the second he was in front of me he leaded down and placed a quick kiss on my lips.

I blinked a couple times and looked up at him.

"Hello." I said and he smirked. Well his lips didn't move but you could see it in his eyes

"Hn." He hummed. I closed my eyes and shook my head. though I did hear something and glanced over to Haruhi who was now in a cliff with the other guest. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a group of boys staggering up the side of the cliff. I didn't hesitate and took off running toward the cliff.

"Aika!" I heard some of the guest and host call out to me but I ignored it and continued for the cliff. I climbed up as quickly as I could. But it still wasn't fast enough. I pushed myself as hard as I could and finally I made it to the top. Just as I looked over at the others to see if my sister was all right. But when I looked over she was know where to be seen. only a guy standing where she once stood. I sprinted over to the edge of the cliff and punched the guy in the face as I jumped over the side and plummeted down to the water.

Now you are caught up.

So as I was saying. I jumped off the cliff and was now in the water. I saw Haruhi as she floated right in front of me. I reached out and grabbed her waist pulling her closer to me. I looked up and started kicking my legs. I wasn't getting very far and looked at Haruhi to see she was just starting to open her eyes. I looked her in the eyes and pushed her as hard as I could up to the surface. which in turn made me go even deeper than I already was. My feet touched the ground and I pushed off it shooting through the water. I grabbed Haruhi on the way up and pulled her the rest of the way. she was kicking her feet as well and we soon made it to the top.

I breathed in a big breath of air and then let out a sigh of relief.

3rd person pov

All of the host ran up the cliff after Aika, they knew something was wrong when Aika started to move so fast up the cliff. When they go to the top they all saw her punch one of the guys in the face and jump over the edge after Haruhi. Mori and Tamaki went to jump in after them but was pulled back by Honey and Kyoya. They twins didn't waist any time and started beating the crap out of the guys.

All the hosts ran back down the cliff and stood on the beach to look out in to the water. when they didn't see any thing all of the guys started to walk into the water. 

"Hey look!" Honey said pointing to the water. the hosts all looked over to see Aika's head popped out of the water and Haruhi's right behind her.

The hosts all let out a sigh of relief.


Everyone looked over in alarm at the sudden splash noise. When Tamaki, Honey, Kyoya, and the twins looked over they saw Mori swimming out to them though he didn't make it very far before Aika started to drag Haruhi through the water and to the shore.


And there went Tamaki.

Tamaki grabbed a hold of Haruhi and raised her out of the water carrying her to shore. They started to talk to her and Haruhi just looked out into the water at her sister.

"Thank you." Haruhi muttered under her breath.

Aika's pov

"Just give me a second." I said out of breath. Mori had swam up to me and Haruhi was already out of the water so I took that time to relax a little and catch my breath. Mori looked down at me and reached out his hand. I took it and he pulled me over to him and wrapped me in a hug. I didn't really know what to do right now because all I was really thinking about is how much I wanted to take a nap. I started to close my eyes and lean my head against his warm body when I was suddenly lifted out of the water. Just as I was falling asleep I heard Mori speak.

"Don't ever do that again. I can't imagine the fact of losing you."  

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