chapter 30

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I knew it was too good to be true. when going to the beach you expect to be able just to relax. but nope kyoya of course set it up to where we had to entertain the guests . it's not like that I was really upset it's more of the fact that well, I was spending my weekend here and not at home reading a book under my comfy blankets.

Then there was the fact that I still have feelings for Mori and didn't really know what to do about it I was think about everything at once the entire ride to the beach. I mean everything. Like how it's just so frustrating I don't know what to do with my life I used to think that I want to be a lawyer like my mom she was one of the best. I still remember the days that she would sit down with me and talk about how she has clients that really need some help. needed her help. she was took pride in her work and that's how I want to be when I grow up but I'm not sure if being a lawyer is what I want to do anymore.

is it bad.

is it bad that I really don't know what I want to do. I mean I could be anything I want to be and yet I can't think of a single thing that I would want to be. I'm just so lost my emotions are everywhere I don't know what to do I'm always tired there so many things on my mind it's crazy. and I can tell something bad is going to happen on this trip. It's instant. And i know thinking about everything at once is stressful and that i shouldnt be thinking at all on this trip besides how to flirt with mori better so the fan girls are happy and im not embarrassed to the point where i can't even look him in the eye. I cant be thinking about my future right now.... though.... if mori going to be a big part in my future. I let out a small laugh. yeah the only way that is going to happen is if he gets on one knee and asks me to marry him. I can barely get him to say anything to me besides a humming noise i am pretty sure a marriage proposal would be close to impossible from him seeing as not only does he not talk. he doesn't see me in that kind of way.

"this might not be as bad as you think it's going to be. Nothing is going to happen." said Haruhi snapping me out of my thoughts. i looked out into the distance to see the beautiful of the ocean splashing against the rocks and climbing up the sand, each wave either pulling it away or pushing the water forward.

" and what makes you think I think something bad is going to happen?" I asked raising an eyebrow at her I love my sister dearly. But sometimes it scares me and how easily she can read me. Granted I can read her just the same. but being vulnerable to anyone it's just a weakness. even when it is your sister. But even though she is considered a weakness I don't know what I would do without her. She is the reason that I even get up in the morning. that and Dad. I love my family dearly. but sometimes I think that maybe I just don't fit I mean come on who could really fall in love with me.

I pushed the negative thoughts away and looked over to my sister who was heading down to the beach with everyone else so they could entertain the guests.

i started making my way down there and each step i got even more nervous, there was one other reason i didn't really want to go into the water, i was scared of the ocean. i know it's silly, you know what forget i even said anything, its not like i was terrified of the ocean. i could go into it if i walked in slowly and took my time looking around to make sure i didnt strep on anything, then i think of it as a lake and i am completely fine.

But if someone were to say carry me into the water or throw me in... the person would die after i get offer the mini heart attack i was sure to have.

I shrugged my shoulders and told myself i had nothing to worry about. and i would get in the water later to prove it to myself, after i coat myself with sunscreen.

i nodded to myself deciding that would be a good idea and walked closer to the ocean. when i was suddenly swooped off my feet, literally, and my stomach was on someone's shoulder. I looked in front of me to see a tan, muscular back.

"Mori, put me down!" i yelled which gets everyone's attention. the fan girls started to swoon. this was not part of the plan.

"No" Mori says and his entire body vibrates just from speaking. I started to close my eyes and hoped that he would start talking again just to hear his voice. My eyes shot open. what the hell.

"Mori!" I said irritated and banged my fist on his back hard enough to make him feel it but light enough so i didn't seriously hurt him or leave a bruise. But i was tempted. man was i tempted.

"No" mori said again and i let out a pout.

"Taka-chan!" i said flopping my arms and legs around. I felt mori flinch when i said that and i kind of smirked.


"where are you taking me?" i asked letting out a sigh. I looked over to see some of the fan girls had fainted while the other ones were trying to get then to wake up by fanning them. I listened over at their conversation and heard what i heard every time i listened to thejm.

"Overprotective lovers~"



"where are we going? we aren't going into the water are we?" I asked and thats when mori stopped.

"yes" He said simply and that was when i started to freak out a little bit. my punches against his back became a little harder and i started to kick my legs more like i could swim away from him.

"NO" i thrashed some more. "NO NO MORI P-PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN." I thrashed even more and then i heard a familiar voice come to my rescue.

"Mori-senpia, please you need to put her down." haruhi said calmly.

Two faces appeared in front of me and i covered the fear on my face the best i could.

"Yeah mori- senpia" Kaoru started.

"she doesnt look to good." hikaru finished and that was all i heard before i was placed back on my feet.

"are you alright Ai-chan?" honey asked. i covered my mouth with my hand.

"I think im going to be sick." i said walking away from them and went to sit under an umbrella.

five minutes later

i felt the sand shift beside me and looked over to see mori. he had a guilt look in his eyes. but i knew it wasn't fault. he didn't know. and he still doesn't technically know, and i plan to keep it that way.
"I'm sorry." he said and i shook my head."

"you have nothing to apologize for. I should be the one apologizing." I said and looked over at him when he moved some hair behind my ear.

"No" he said and once again all i wanted was to hear him talk some more. But again i snapped out of it and turned back to the conversation.

"I guess we need to practice a little more after all." i smiled over at him and surprisingly he gave me one back.

"yeah..." Mori said and leaned forward.....

to be continued :D

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