chapter 32

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I leaned back and could help the little chuckle that left my lips.

"What Aika?" Haruhi asked as some of her guest walked away from us.

"If they knew you were a girl i am sure they would have not blushed as much as they did right then. I must say you are definitely a natural at this." I teased and haruhi punched me in the arm.

"Shut up." Haruhi muttered and I laughed.

"How ungentlemanly like." I rolled my eyes at her and pretended to shun her.

"That's it." Haruhi said and i didn't have time to look her way because i was suddenly tackled to the ground. I let pout another laugh at haruhi's attempt to pin me to the ground. We rolled around a bit and forgot all about everyone else.

"Come on haruhi you can do better than that." I rolled us so i was on top and tickled her sides. She flailed her arms and turned us so she was now on top. I leaped forward and we did a Barrell roll right into the water.

"Aika, really?" Haruhi asked and we let of each other. We both were laughing though haruhi didnt wan to admit she too found it funny.

Haruhi went to stand when i tripped her legs making her fall back into the water. She looked up at me with a dangerous look in her eyes. She had a smirk on her face before she leaped forward and tackled me into the water. we were in the shallow end and i was having to much fun to worry about the my fear of the ocean. that was in the back of my mind at the moment.

We continued to attack and trip each other until we got to the point we couldn't fight any more. I plopped backwards laying half in the water half on the beach. Haruhi had found a place laying sideway on my stomach and her arms out stretched so one was floating in the water and the other one was on my face.

"Done?" Haruhi asked out of breath.

"Done." i breathed out. i was looking up into the sky when a shadow appeared on my face. I looked up more to see honey standing there with his hands on his hips and mori standing a little farther back behind him.

i closed my eyes and reached my right hand out to pat honey's leg.

"Hi, Honey." I said and i felt haruhi shift so she was now on her side laying on me.

"Hi Ai-Chan, Haru-Chan. what are you doing?" Honey asked.

"wrestling." Haruhi said and then went on talking to him. I think they were having a full conversation and everything. I was to tired to listen. Plus i was actually kind of comfy here. I know i'm going to have to take a shower to get all of this sand out of my hair. But at this moment i didn't really care.

"Come on, Ai-chan!" Honey said to me excitedly and dragged haruhi off of me and away to do whatever they were talking about. I opened my eyes and sat up to go follow them. I looked up to see mori was still here waiting for me. He offered me a hand and i grabbed it pulling myself up.

"Thank you." I said and let out a yawn which in turn made mori yawn. I smiled at how cute he looked but let the thought drop. i pulled his hand to follow after Haruhi and Honey.

Time skip

I was leaning up against a rock watching and the ootori police guard off loading crabs just for haruhi and honey to pick them up and place them in their baskets. it was cute. I walked over to kyoya and rested my elbow on his shoulder.

"So... is it normal for people around here that when you kick them in the face they bring you crabs?" i asked watching the men some more. it was just so entertaining.

"Is it normal for commoners to be blind about everything around them, including when someone addresses their feelings for said commoner on many occasions?" Kyoya asked instead of answering my question.

"Yes, How did you know?" I asked leaning more on him and glanced down to see he was checking off every cart of crab coming of that truck. "You missed one. It's 63 not 62." I pointed to his page. kyoya looked at me then checked it off.

"I know everything." He said answering my other question.

"Yet you have yet to answer my other question."

"I always love our conversations they make everything ten times more interesting." Kyoya said and i placed a hand over my chest dramatically letting out a gasp.

"Kyoya i do believe that is the kindest thing you have said to me. If i didn't know any better I would say you actually like me." I teased. I felt a shadow on my face and looked up to see Mori standing next to me. He looked at both kyoya and me before waalking back over to Haruhi and Honey.

"Interesting." Kyoya said and i raised an eyebrow at him. I stroked my chin while he had a thoughtful look on his face. We stood like this for a while before kyoya looked at me and rolled his eyes.

"So what is your analysis Watson?" I asked and Kyoya looked back over at me.

"And do tell why i am Watson?" he asked

"Because i am sherlock. obviously. And plus if you think about it you are kind of like Watson. You write things down. I memorize information. You gather information about a person through their documents. I just look at the person and i got all i need to know." I said elbowing his lightly. I really liked pushing his buttons. "So, watson. Your thoughts?" I asked

"Well sherlock it seems as though Mori-sempi does not see me as a threat. When he walked over here and saw that you were with me he did not seemed bother in the slightest." Kyoya said and i did a little mental skip at the fact he was going along with my crazy idea.

"Not far off Watson. Not far off.... I must be off." I said and lowered my arm off his shoulder.

"Very well." Kyoya said and turned back to counting crates. He let out a silent curse.

"76!" i called out over my shoulder and turned around walking backwards to send him a wink. "You're welcome."

Time Skip.

"Cent.....ia.......PEEEEEEEDDE!" everyone shrieked. Haruhi and me looked at each other and i shrugged my shoulders grabbing the centipede off tamaki letting it crawl on my fingers. Haruhi Rolled her eyes and grabbed it trowing to the rocks.

"I was playing with that." I mumbled to her and she laughed lightly.

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