chapter 31

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"Yeah...." Mori said and leaned forward.... i leaned forward as well. When it came to Mori simple movements from him made my heart skip a beat and made my body act out of instinct. I didn't know what he was going to do seeing as he is unpredictable. Many things were running through my head at this exact moment. i was wondering what he was going to do and asking myself many questions like: Why am i leaning in? Why do i want him to kiss me? i wonder what he is going to do. but he has to make the first move so I don't embarrass myself by miss judging what he was going to do. things like that.

i suddenly saw brown hair and brown eyes looking at me.

"I need your help with something real quick." Haruhi said then looked over to mori. "I'll give her back later." she promised and then stood from where she had plopped in between us. i let out a small sigh and got on my knees to stand up when had a small thought and leaned forward pecking mori on the lips. i stood up quickly and haruhi took that chance to pull me away.

"cock block" i said pointing at her. Haruhi blinked a couple times before glancing at mori who was a little ways back then looking back at me.

"ooh.... sorry didn't realize." Haruhi said before dragging me a little farther away from everyone.

"Clearly." i grumbled.

"Well think of it this way. Now you don't have to worry about if he was going to kiss you because you already kissed him. And yesss i did see that." Haruhi said and i rolled my eyes at her. She let out a laugh and patted me on the shoulder.

"So what do you need?" I asked

"oh, right. Well Honey-sempi seems to be a little lonely. And i want you to sit with me seeing as i cant get in the water because the guests are here and you don't look to enthused in even touching the ocean. But i do want to swim with you at some point." Haruhi said and i scrunched my eyes a little bit at her.

"So in other words you want me to send mori over to honey so they can play in the water and so i can sit with you under the umbrella... and then you want me to go into the water tomorrow or whenever, even when you know i am scared of the ocean?" I asked

"Yes, though I know you can go in the water if you take your time. Plus if you come it with me you don't have to worry that much about fan girl-"

"Deal" i said cutting in and she let out another laugh.



Haruhi looked over at mori.

"how do you plan to get him to go to his cousin. he seems pretty convinced on staying with you, especially after the little freak out cession a little bit ago. He think he thought he hurt you or something. He's even looking over here at you right now." Haruhi asked and i glanced back to see in fact he was looking over at us.

"I know, i feel guilty about that."

"you know its not either one of yours faults" haruhi said and that kind of made me feel better.

"I know. I know. But ill go talk to him about hanging out with honey some more." I looked over at honey to see him giggling at what one of his fan girls said. He didnt look lonely. But hey it's fine, i think mori should go hang out with honey anyways. he's been spending a lot of time with me. And i dont want him to feel like he has to hang out with me because of our fake relationship. Though i am thinking about asking him to act like my boyfriend the next time my grandfather comes around. I will finally be able to get him to be quiet about how i need to get a boyfriend, or about how i wont have children if i dont start looking for a husband now. Or my favorite, note sarcasm, i just don't want you to be forever alone with 20 cats. I mean seriously? i am going to have dogs if anything.

Though i'm not saying i don't love my grandfather. I do. But sometimes he just doesn't know when he is getting a little to personal.

And i know he is only looking out for me. So if Mori does agree to this then my grandpa will not have to worry anymore and in turn i don't have to hear the very long speech i swear i know from memory. though of course i know it from memory, all i had to do was listen to it once.

I walked closer to mori and sat down next to him. When i sat down i felt his lips connect with mine. I was shocked at first but when his lips pulled away from mine was when i fully understood what he had done.

"Well hello to you too." i said with a small smile on my face. "If that's how i'm going to be greeted i should leave more often." I mumbled and mori chuckled. I could see his chest vibrate and had to hold myself back from reaching out and touching him.

what was i over here to do again? i asked myself and had to close my eyes for a second so i could think properly. oh right. Honey.

"You know. We may have fan girls to entertain. But you also have guests to entertain with Honey." i nodded in Honey's direction and mori looked over there quickly. He had a shocked look on his face like for a second he had forgotten honey was even here.

"Hn." mori hummed and looked back over at me.

"Plus i think he is starting to miss you." i said then leaned forward to whisper in his ear. "You should go hang out with honey. We can entertain our guests later when things start to calm down. and speaking of guest. Some of them are watching us. so when you stand to leave give me a kiss and then walk away." he nodded his head. i smiled and blushed making the guest/ fan girls go crazy.

"what about you?" He asked me and i felt chills run down my spine.

"I'll have Haruhi." I said simple and mori nodded his head again.

He then gave me a gentle kiss before standing up and walking over to Honey. Who jumped up from the ground and climbed on Mori's shoulders. I let out a laugh which got both Honey and Mori's attention. Honey waved over at me and i gave a small wave back.

Mori got honeys attention and honey leaned down so mori could whisper in his ear. Honey's eyes got wide and then he let out an excited woop. Honey whispered something back and mori shook his head, no. Honey nodded his head yes and then looked over to me.

"Hey, Ai-chan, Takashi says he loves you!" Honey shouted. This wasn't really part of the plan. But okay.

"Love ya too!" i shout back and let out a small laugh. Mori's cheeks got red and i had to turn away from them so they didnt know i was laughing under my breath.

what a weird duo.

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