chapter 19

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The rest of the school day was kind of boring. The only thing that was kind if interesting was hoe I could hear the twins arguing from all of my class rooms.

And the fighting didn't stop even w he we were all at the host club getting ready to entertain guest. I got so tired of their "fighting" that I hit both if them on the back of the head telling them to shut up. They were quiet for around 20 minutes before they started back up again.

One time during the host club hours I was so irritated with their arguing that I almost walked out the door. I had literally stood up and walked to the door. The only thing that had stopped me was kyoya who stood in front of the doors while writing in his little black book. So I reached out and grabbed the little book from hid hand. But that only lasted for a small second before he had it again.

He glared at me but all I did was pat him on the head and walk away to sit next to honey.

All the guest had finally left and I laid back in my seat throwing my head back while closing my eyes.

"Would you guys knock it off!" Haruhi yelled and I opened my eyes to see haruhi hit the rainbow twin on the back of the head like I had done earlier.

"I kind of zoned out when i felt a honey jump onto my lap while he watched the seem unfold in front of him. I knew they were fake fighting. it was obvious i mean i do it all the time with haruhi. she should of all people be able to tell the difference between real fighting and fake fighting. But i guess not.

"So you're saying." The twins both said and stood up wrapping an arm around each other and placing their hips together. "If we stop fighting you'll let us come over to your house?" They asked and that was when the others realized that their "fight" was just a plan to get permission to come over to our house.

"w-w-w-w-wa" Haruhi started to mentally freak out. i shook my head and closed my eyes. This host club is going to be the death of me.

I let out a sigh and stood from my seat. i did a slow clap and walked over to both of them to pat them on the head.

"Next time try not to be so annoying. i could barely read." I said and hikaru smirked in realization while kaoru blushed just slightly. I smirked and waked over to haruhi.

"Ho-h-ho-how?" Haruhi was still dumb founded until she snapped herself out of it and looked at me. "You knew." She stated.

"Yes, well now that , that is over i would like to let you know that i will be going with honey and mori. Honey seems to want me to go to their practice. I can walk you home first if you want?" I asked but she shook her head.

"Nah, I'm good. Have fun." She said giving me a smile and i gave her a small one back.


Time skip.

I was sitting there watching them practice while listening to the music playing through the speakers in the dojo ish gym. I was very laid back when suddenly I heard, 50 ways to say goodbye by train come on and I started tapping my foot. It the end of practice so everyone was heading into the back. The song was still playing and someone had turned it up as they walked into the back. I got up off my seat and started mouthing the words while jumping up and down to the song. I did the air trumpet.

I heard foot step coming back but that didn't stop me from dancing. I turned around to see mori and just nodded my head to him while jumping over to him mouthing the words still.

I grabbed his right hand and twirled around to walk to the middle of the room.

"She was caught in a mud slide eaten by a lion." I sang and made a dramatic hand motion.

Mori kind of just watched me not actually dancing. But I think i saw a slight smile on his face.

"Help me help me I'm no good at goodbyes." I sang very dramatically. I know this is out of character for me. But this song always gets me dancing. This song and this other song called, dance with me tonight. I just loved it and I couldn't help dancing. No matter who was watching.

Though most of the time I am dancing at home when only haruhi is around. And that's when I just do silly things like place my hand on the side of her cheek and sing the song to her. But that's mostly during a slow song. And of course what is a slow dance with out the overly optimistic dip at the end. Haruhi can keep a straight face for a long time. But that dip always gets her to start laughing.

Anyways. I was dancing. Well more like jumping to the song. But when the song was over I wiped my forehead and walked over to get my stuff like nothing had happened.

"Aika." Mori said and I looked his way.

"Hn?" I asked. Mori was about to say something when honey came back jumping up and down with a look on his face that could only mean trouble.

"Hey Ai-Chan. I know it must have been a little boring for you. But how about we teach you some moves now that everyone's gone?" Honey asked with a big grin on his face.

"Um, sure. Honey. But I already know how to do this." I told him and his face lit up even more if that was even possible.

"Great then why don't you go against takashi and then we came go from there!" He cheered and I rolled my shoulders back to take off my jacket.

"Okay." I said setting my jacket down and moved to the training pad. "Show me what you got mori." I grinned standing in front of him. takashi looked at me then reached down to untie his robe thingy. He took it off with ease and set it on the bench. I looked over his toned muscles and had to mentally and physically look away from his bare chest and instead to his eyes.

"No." He said and went to go into the back room but I appeared in front of him.

"Woah Woah Woah." I said holding out my hand and pressed it against his chest. I felt his muscles clench and I almost had a fan girl moment.

Keep it together aika.

"I can take you. This will be fun."

"Hn." Was his response as he looked over my head and into the distance not giving me his full attention. Actually I think he was completely ignoring me.

"Come on. One battle. Or match or whatever you guys call it. Then if I need training then you can help me. Self defence is important right, Takashi?" I asked tilting my head to the side innocently when he looked at me. Whenever i say his first name he always stops ignoring me and pays attention. Noted. I guess I'll just have to remember that. "Please?" I asked placing my other hand on his chest.

"Hn." He hummed and I took that as a fine.

"Yes." I mumbled to myself and did a mental fist bump.

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