Chapter 50

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"Mori. Can I talk to you?" I asked as we walked down the hall way to the 3rd music room. He needed to go to Kendo but he normally walked Honey and me to the music room because that's the kind of person he is. Honey was jumping do the halls like any other time which left me time to talk.

"Hn," Mori said. I looked over to see him nodding his head. I glanced at my feet. When I went to say what Inona had been talking about in our class honey jumped into my airs making me close my mouth.

"Aika! You look really pretty today, don't you agree Takashi?" Honey asked. Mori nodded his head with his eyes locked on mine. Before I knew it we were at the music room. Honey leaped from my arms and went into the music room but I stayed at the entrance. Making a last minute decision I turned fully to Mori and dragged him along.

"Aika?" Mori asked but I just squeezed his hand a little more.

"Not yet," I mumbled but I knew he heard me.  When we finally got outside and headed to the dojo that's when I started to explain how Inona was talking about how she wanted him and that our relationship was an act.

"Who?" Mori asked and I gave him a confused look.

"Inona, the girl that sits behind us in first hour." I stated but he only looked at me even more confused.

"Who?" He asked again. I started grinning ear to ear.

"It doesn't matter. I was just letting you know." I said and continued walking to the dojo. We were in the middle of the rose maze.

"I could kiss you more." Mori suggested and I let out a chuckle. "If you're worried she might try something we could always come up with a plan." He paused for a moment before looking back over to me. "Or we could just kick her out."

The way he said it was as though he wouldn't mind kicking her out. He doesn't even know who she is and he would kick her out just because he knows I feel uneasy about her.  This is also the longest conversation we have ever had. correcting this is the longest conversation we have had that Mori actually communicated in.

"I don't want to be mean about it." Yes I do. "If we can avoid tossing her out then we could just show that it's not going to happen" Not in a million years, we should toss her down a well. "Then maybe she'll back off and pout about something else." If not I could always punch her in the face.

"And if she doesn't back off?" Mori asked taking my hand in his.

"Then we will kindly ask her to leave the music room." I like the well idea. Or maybe just let the fangirls at her.

"If you tell the fangirls they could do..." He glanced at me then looked straight ahead. "....something."

"They'd end up killing her." I muttered under my breath thinking Mori couldn't hear me but when he nodded his head I knew he had.

"The trainer isn't here today. You could practice if you want, but everyone has been told they can go home or whatever." One of the guys from the dojo told Mori when he saw us walking up to the door. His duffle bag was over his shoulder and his free hand rested on his hip.

"Hn." Mori hummed and the guy nodded his head walking away.

"you know." I said bumping my hip against his. "We could always have a rematch." I suggested playfully. Mori looked down at me for a long time before shrugging his shoulders and opening the door for me.

When I looked around to see if anyone had stayed, I was pleased to find no one. I didn't hear anyone in the back room either so that was a good sign. I didn't mind other people being here. I just preferred not being watched when I am doing any activity that involves movement.

"You ready?" I asked jumping up and down a little bit to get myself going.  When I turned around to see if Mori was ready my face turned red to see he was taking off his shirt. I let out a small breath to calm down my burning cheeks.

"Hn," Mori said shaking his head 'no' while throwing his shirt off to the side. He pulled off his pants to only be left in boxers. My face only felt hotter when he did this. Reaching in his bag he pulled out some sweats. I couldn't take my eyes off him and I didn't really want too. I mean if he wants to take his clothes off in front of me I am completely fine with that.

"Hey, I don't mean to interrupt," I said stepping closer to him. "and I don't mean to make a pass. But you must be leaving the country packing that much ass." I said just as he pulled his sweats completely on. He gave me a small smirk but other than that ignored me and continued to zip his bag up after placing his shirt and jacket inside.

"Ready?" Mori asked stepping toward me so we were chest to chest. I had to look up just to make eye contact with this. I always wondered what it would be like to suddenly be taller. I think my fear of heights would kick in every time I stood up. It'd be funny though. Well if I was the one watching. Well.... I'd still laugh my ass off if I'm the one falling or something.

"I'm ready." I said wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him in for a quick kiss. I was about to pull away when suddenly Mori's arms were around my waist holding me in place. When the kiss ended he placed his forehead against mine. My eyes were closed but I could feel Mori's stare burning into me.

"I think I should kiss you more." Mori mumbled making me blush.

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