Chapter 7

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The door slammed shut and I heard someone stumble through the house. I looked over a haruhi as she rested peacefully. 

There was another loud noise and so stood up. Making sure haruhi was covered I walked into the main room to find dad trying  take off his shoes. 

He was drunk. There was no doubt in that.

"Hey dad. You need some help?" I asked and he looked up at me. He grinned at me and started to fall but I stepped forward catching him with ease. "You need to go to bed." I stated.

"No no no." He slurred patting my head. "I want to hear about your day." I looked up at the clock to see it was 2 am. 

I let out a sigh and helped dad over to the couch. He plopped down and the couch jumped with shock. 

"Did you have a good day today. Anything interesting?" He asked and I nodded my head slowly.

"Tomorrow there is a dance and I will be attending. Fun right?" I asked him calmly.

"But you don't like people." He said confused and tilted his head at me. "Or dances. Or- dresses." He said getting  even more confused than he was before. 

"I know. I know." I said and it was my turn to pat his head.

"I just don't understand." He said throwing his hands up as though he was giving up. "But at least you are going to be more like a girl." He brightened at this thought. He seemed to be in a good mood now so I wasn't going to tell him I planned on going in jeans and a t-shirt.

I loomed over at my dad again and he was falling asleep. Right  now he was doing the head thing. You know. Where the person starts to fall asleep so their head falls forward and then they catch them selves at the last minute and jerk their head back up.

"Hands. Place your empty hands in mine." I sang lightly and stroked one side of his face. He leaned on me and I could feel him drifting to sleep. "And scars. Show me all the scars you hide. And het if your wings are broken please take mine so yours can open too." 


It had been a weak since haruhi and my mom have died. Dad had been throwing him self at work and then getting drunk right afterwards. The first time he got so drunk he ended up passing out right at the bar. Good thing the bar tender was a friend of his or he wouldn't of made it home that day.

I was waiting for dad to get home and haruhi had been tucked in already. 

I wanted to make sure he made it home safely. The door handle started to turn and dad walked in with shaky steps. He made it to the couch and laid his head on my lap. 

"Even if we break down. We can find  a way to break through. Even if we can find heaven. I'll walk through hell with you." I sang softly. (Song rachel platter. stand by you.)

"How am I going to do this with out you?" Dad mumbled and held onto my arm. "I don't know how to raise two girls... I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Please. You can't leave me again. Just stay with me." I felt something wet on my cheek and reached up to feel what it was. When  pulled my hand away I figured out I was crying. I blinked a couple times to clear my eyes of the tears and wipped my face with the back of my hand.

"We can do this. We'll making. I promise. We're fujioka's, we survive." I whispered in his ear and he fell asleep mumbling an I love you.

End of flash back.

"I'm gonna stand by you." I sang the last bit of the song and my dad was breathing heavily meaning he was asleep.

Time skip.

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