Chapter 37

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I looked up to the door to see honey bouncing into the room with enough energy for 6 people.

It must be all that cake he eats, i thought and honey jumped onto the bed to sit with me.

"Aren't you going to hang out with us in the living room?" He asked. He had that look in his eyes like he was up to something. Though i am kind of glad that he doesn't know about the kiss. That would only encourage him.

"who's us?" I asked.

" Oh just Hika-chan, karu-chan, takashi, me, cake, some nice tea. you know. Normal things." Honey said swinging his arms by his side and giving me an innocent look. He smile up and me and grabbed my wrist. "Though first i think you should get dressed into your pajamas." He looked over my clothes. they were the same ones i was wearing at the beach. In fact they still had some wet spots. I was just glad know one decided to change me.

"Um, i think i will have to pass. I need to wash up and go to bed soon honey. Though thank you for asking." I said giving him a small smile. I wasn't stupid. I knew he was up to something. that is why i planned to stay away from what ever little plan he has in that evil brain of his.

Honey gave a small nod of his head and the gears started turning. He ran for the door with a skip in his step.

"Okay, see you in the morning, Ai-chan!" He said excitedly. he was already out the door and down the hall way before i could say anything back.

Honey's pov

I took off down the hall way and made my way to the living room where the others were. if my first plan wasn't going to work then i guess that means it's time  to put plan b into action.

Just before i got to the living room and made sure to drop my smile and have a worried look on my face. and if i widen my eyes a little more then i will be able to look even more cute!

"Takashi." I said with a little quiver of my lip when i walked into the room. Everyone turned to look at me, the twins stood on either side of me asking what's wrong and takashi was in front of me in an instant. I hated doing this to him, making him worry over me. But this was for the greater good. I needed to get Ai-chan and takashi together officially. if that meant a little acting and being even more cute than so be it.

"Mitsukuni." Takashi mumbled and placed a had on my head. To every one else he might have sounded normal but i could tell he was really concerned. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH don't cave Honey, you have to stay strong. It is for the future happiness of Ai-chan and Takaish.

"Takashi, I think Ai-chan isn't feeling to good. She has been acting off. I invited her to come with me here to be with everyone and she looked really sad. I didn't know what to do so i came to find you. Maybe you can go cheer her up. She really looked sad. Or maybe she hurt herself when she jumped into the ocean after Haru-chan." I said and wiped my eyes with the back of my hands. Oh i am good.

Takashi nodded his head and walked out of the room after patting my head one more time.

Aika's pov

I just got out of the shower and slipped on some shorts and t shirt instead of the nightgown my dad had packed. I love my dad, i really do. but when it came to sleep wear. he chose the most uncomfortable outfits. I mean who cares if it looks pretty. I didn't plan to go to town in my pajamas. And who cares if someone sees me in comfortable clothing with my hair up and not a care in the world. I dress like that almost all the time. I don't even put on, makeup because i know i rub my eyes a lot.

I let out a sigh and let the thoughts roll off my back. It's fine. I sometimes hated how my brain could go from one subject to another and start a rant in my head. It's not like anyone but the other voice are going to hear you so shut up and let my mind relax for once with out the commentary.

I looked up at the mirror that hung from the wall. I looked like my normal, plain, boring self. I didn't think i was ugly. I just don't think i'm more special than all the other girls who most likely don't find themselves appealing so they settle for less than what they deserve.

That's kind of why i always wonder what kind of first impression i give. When someone looks at me what do they notice first. What is the first word to describe me. Then i wonder what it is i look at first when i meet a new person. What i notice first. What word comes into my mind before and after i get to know them.

uuuuugh. there i go again with the random thoughts.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I ran a hand through my hair and walked out of the bathroom. I think Haruhi and me are sharing a room, i'm not sure. I'm not even sure this is the room i am staying in, i'm just guessing it is because one, i woke up here. two my suitcase is in here. Three, It's the only one i know of besides the main rooms like, the living room, dining room, kitchen, and main entrance. Besides that i am completely lost. Maybe i should have Kyoya show me the lay out of the house so i know i won't get lost.


i think i'll do that tomorrow. First. I'm going to bed. I glanced out the window and saw the rain pelting down. i know i should go out and dance in the rain while i have a chance. But i can barely keep my eyes open and walk straight. well i think i am walking straight. If not i am in some deep trouble.

I headed for the bed when suddenly the door opened making me jump.

"I'm up! I'm not sleeping!" i said and did a completely 360 degree turn before looking at the door to see who was coming in. I was definitely awake now.

I tried to focus on who was walking closer to me but they were a blur from how fast they were walking. Suddenly i was encased in someone's arms and had to pull back a little bit to see who it was. though i had a pretty go guess that it was Mori, only Mori could be this tall and smell this good. I looked up fully to see that yes it was indeed Mori.

"Well hello. How are you today. Someone is little excited to see me." I said and could feel my eye lids slowly fall. I needed caffeine of some kind to stay away if i am going to be having visitors frequently tonight.

Mori was looking me over and had me open my eyes more. And i guess when he was satisfied with his little check up he backed away from me a little bit. It was confusing how we could go from kissing each other to acting like there was nothing but friendship between us in two second. Granted i did it to but--

"are you alright?" He asked me cutting off my thoughts.

"Am i alright?" I asked pointing at me with a confused look on my face. "Me?" I asked again. "No, the question is, are you alright? because i am deeply confused on why you just walked in here and gave me a full body check up in 3 seconds flat then act like nothing just happened." Mori was quiet and had that stodic look on his face. I guess that means continue talking. "I am also confused on what is going on between you and me because i have no idea and if you know what we are doing then could you inform me? I don't know if we are just friends, if we are just acting and this is more practicing. or if you actually like me and just --" Mori placed a hand on my mouth and i glared at him. He gave a small smirk but then yawned. His eyes widened like the world was going to end before his eyes changed emotions completely. His entire face went from stotic to full on smirk/ smolder or something. His body language even changed as well. Instead of standing he sat down on the bed then twirled me onto his lap. I didn't even know it was possible to change so much in the snap of a finger. And it kind of scared me.

I have no idea what the hell is going on. But I know one thing for sure.

I was definitely not tired anymore.

boom that is chapter 37, i would have updated sooner but i just got back from vacation in canada. It is a very beautiful place. I loved it. Though i would have loved it even more if my air mattress stayed up. But i was to excited to be in a different country to sleep anyways. that's why i plan to hibernate for the rest to the week in my own bed. My brother even asked what the one thing i missed from home was and I said my bed. So yeah, thank you for your comments, votes, and just for reading my story. Have a wonderful day/night.

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