Chapter 35

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Mori's point of view. dedicated to BloodyBatty and AlySanSamaChanPanda

I started to carry Aika up to the house. Tamaki was yelling at Haruhi about how reckless she was behaving. Haruhi had finally had enough and yelled back at him. I was kind of surprised but it never showed. I looked down at at Aika who's head was resting on my chest. I couldn't help but smile a little at the fact i was the one carrying her and not anyone else. I could here foot steps to my right and glanced over to see Haruhi walking next to on the way up to the house. She looked over to Aika and reached out to move some of the wet hair out of her face.

"Thank you... Mori-sempi." Haruhi said and I looked at her again. She gave me a small smile.

"Hn." I nodded my head to her and she just shook hers.

"Aika hates it when you do that." Haruhi laughed. I looked down at Aika and furrowed my eyebrows. Should i talk more? Would she like me more if i did? I asked myself. "Well i wouldn't say hate. More like it drives her crazy." Haruhi smirked. "You drive her crazy." She smiled even more. But then her eyes widened and she looked over at me. "Don't tell Her i told you that. She would kill me."

"I won't" I said. I felt Aika shift and decided i shouldn't speak until she wakes up on her own.

Time skip

I made my way to Aika's room and sat in one of the chairs holding her in my arms. I took this time to just be in her presence. I know it may seem a little wierd to be around someone even when they are sleeping. But that is just how she made me feel. Ever since she came to the host club i had had my eyes on her. I found it interesting when she would put Kyoya in his place or tell the twins to back off with out even batting an eye. Or how when she is reading something intensely she sticks out her bottom lip. Or the way she gets so wrapped into her own little world and she thinks of something amusing she smiles.

Then there are times when she just lets her guard down with out even realizing it. Like at the water park when she went down the slide with the twins or the time she latched onto me to stay away from Tamaki. I think that was the first time i had realized what an amazing person she was. How i got butterflies everytime she fixed my hair of patted my arm. The first time i kissed her i dodn't want to stop and was hoping renge would say we had to do it again.

When Aika said she didn't care either way if we were a couple for the host club that made me feel disappointed and excited at theh same time. Being able to be so close to her. to hold her when ever i want. Being able to kiss her with out her questioning it. To be the center of her attention is the best feeling in the world. She just has this way, that when she looks at you, you feel like to are important. that you are needed.

It's the little things that i love about her. All the little things that make my heart skip a beat and make it hard to breath.

I loved how Aika made chills run up my spin just when she said my name. And the fact she can beat me in a kendo match is sexy as hell.

I continued to look at Aika and her eyelids were starting to flutter.

I love the fact she would do anything to save her sister and father.

I love the way she smiles at me.

I just love the way she looks at me in general. even when she gets mad at me.

I'm in love with Aika Fujioka.

But i'd never be able to really do anything about it.

Aika's pov

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