Chapter 51

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"Come on Mori, I know you can do better than that." I said ducking under one of his kicks. He wasn't even trying. Yeah he would throw a couple punched here and there but besides that he didn't really try to take me down. "I'm not fragile, I wont brake if you pin me. You do want to pin me right?" I asked giving him a small wink.

"You're such a flirt," Mori said and I loved being able to get him to talk. Granted when other people were around he didn't do it as often, but when we were alone, he would have full conversations with me with out batting an eye. I took this as a small victory even if i do end up losing.

Getting tired of him keeping his distance i move in quickly delivering a punch to stomach. He lets out a grunt. I think I hurt my hand more than I hurt him. Like damn. I was so distracted thinking about him I had giving him the opportunity to grab a hold of me and pull me to his chest.

"This feels familiar." I sassed. I felt Mori relax and then felt a weight between  the crook of my neck. his arms wrapped tightly around me and I could feel his hair brushing against my own. Even though it only felt like minute, it had been an hour. Both of us were out of breath. Though I think the little 'duel' we just had was only a small fraction of why we were breathing so hard. his arms loosened around me and instead his hands rested on my hips.

"I have an idea," Mori said and I furrowed my eyebrow.

"What kind of idea?" I asked

"Do you trust me?" He asked

"What kind of question is that," I turned around in his grasp and grabbed the front of his shirt. "Of course I trust you." I muttered.

"Then you'll see when we get back to the host club." Mori and I nodded my head. I think I had an idea of what he meant by "plan". But if his doesn't work then I'll talk to my fangirls. I cant help it, they're starting to grow on me.

"Hey, Takashi."  I whispered in his ear. I felt him shiver under my touch. "I have an idea." I continued to whisper. He leaned closer to me.

"Hn?" He asked and I leaned back a little so I could place a kiss on his lips.

"want to mess with the host club?" I asked innocently.


"Well.... they think we are just acting right?" I asked and he nodded his head. "Want to "act" a little more? For example." I pulled him closer to me. "We wouldn't just kiss in front of everyone." I pulled us over to the bench pushing him down to sit on it. I didn't push him hard but he still went down like I had shoved him with all my might. "We would" I sit on his lap. "Do." I placed my hands on his chest. "Whatever." Running them up and down his chest. "Came to mind." I mumbled in his ear.

"Anything?" He asked lifting his eyebrows. His action was so quick I hadn't realized he had grabbed my but until i felt a firm squeeze.

"Anything." I stood up to lean over him. "With in reason, of course." I pulled away and walked over to the woman's locker room. "I'll be right back." I rested my hand on the door way and looked back. He looked conflicted. "Sorry for being a tease, I'll try to be less assertive next time." I gave him wink but he just kind of sat there for a little bit.

time skip

I can't believe I just did that, I thought as we walked back to the school. I've never been flirty, I have no idea where that came from.... WAIT! yes i do. The fangirls, i told the fangirls I would flirt more. You're welcome. *turns to look at you through your screen and gives you guys a wink*

I mean it was fun, I like flirting with mori, I get such amazing reaction from him. Though I did pretty much as him if we were more then what people thought we were.

"Well.... they think we are just acting right?" I asked and he nodded his head.

In other words he agrees we are something more. Now I just have to see how much more. I mean come on after all this you would think to as me to be your girlfriend or maybe a date. The date could be as simple as going for a walk and talking or snuggling on a couch and watching tv together. We could go to a playground and have fun, we could do a lot of things like that and I would happily call it a date. Hell, what we did today I would have been a good day in my book. There was definitely enough sexual tension.

I felt Mori take my hand in his and give it just a small squeeze. I know he doesn't talk much but could he at least give me a big enough sign to let me know, he told me i was his world. Which is a big sign he wants something more. He told me he loved me the last time we were at the dojo and then we also kissed. So I would like to think what we have is "dating" we never really talked about it after that.

"Mori." I said stopping. He stopped next to me.

"Aika?" He asked and him just saying my name made me lose my nerve to say anything.

"Never mind, I thought I saw something. False alarm." I mumbled and he nodded his head. We continued to walk back to Ouran.

Small Spoiler. Something is going to happen in the next chapter between Mori and Aika.

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