chapter 39

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I opened my eyes when I heard a thumb. Furrowing my eyebrows I rolled over to the other side if the bed and looked down to see mori lying on the floor full awake and wide eyed.

"Well good morning sleepy head." I said and stood up from the bed. I held out a hand to help him up and he grabbed it hesitantly. Pulling him up completely we had our chest touching so I had to look up slightly to make eye contact.

"What happened?" Mori asked though I knew he was really asking 'what did I do?' And seeing as he doesn't remember I am not going to embarrass my self in explaining it. For all I know sleepy Mori was messing with me or confused me with someone else. Plus I did say if he didn't remember I would flirt with him and try to get him to confess when he is completely himself. Well this is what I had come up with in my head. I was really hoping he would remember what happened. But luck was just not on my side.

"You're saying you don't remember Takashi?" I asked and faked surprise. His cheeks turned red and I smiled. "Well you came into my room, mumbled a could things, fell asleep and you know the rest." I said rocking back and forth on my feet.

"What did I say?" He asked and took a small step towards a me.

"That's sleepy Mori and I's secret." I said with the biggest grin on my face. It almost seemed like he was tempted to glare at me. But seeing as that wouldn't really get him anywhere he decided to just walk away. "What?"

I moved in front of him.

"That's it?" I asked placing my hands on my hips. His eyes looked me up and down before landing me on my eyes and then walk around me. I let out a huff and walked in front of him again.

"Hmm?" He hummed. There was the smallest of smirks that graced his lips and I figured out what he was doing. So I smirked and ran two of my fingers up his chest and around his neck.

Running my fingers through his hair I felt a shiver run through both of us.

"I'll give you a hint on one of the things he did." I said and pulled him down some so I could plant a quick peck on his lips. Grabbed his package then completely walked away from him.

Walking out the door I heard someone fall cough cough Mori cough cough, and then struggle to stand back up.

"We are heading out to go the beach one more time before we head back." Kyoya said fixing his glasses as he walked beside me.

"Thanks for letting me know Kyoya." I said patting his back. He fixed his glasses again and looked over at me not saying  a word.

"How did you sleep?" He asked after a long pause. It wasn't awkward, well for me if wasn't. I don't know about him though. But I'm sure he was reading way to into every body movement I made and every word that left my lips. Though in all truth I did the exact same thing.

He's hiding something. Well this is kyoya we are talking about here.

"Surprisingly I actually fell asleep last night." I said giving him a small smile.

"So instead of two hours of sleep you got five?" He asked with that know it all voice of his.

"So instead of two hours of sleep you got five." I imitated him and stuck me tongue out at him in a teasing way. I even pressed on the center of my nose as if I was pushing my glasses up.

"I'll take that as a yes." Kyoya said and went to fix his glasses but stopped himself and gave me a small glare.

"I know you love me." I said giving him a wink and walking away only to turn around. "Do you have the blue prints to this place?" I asked him and he furrowed his eye brows.

"Yes. I'll have to go to my room to get them but I'll bring to you later at breakfast. Though why exactly do you want them?" He asked and pushed up his glasses because I could see him struggling to keep his hands at his side's and not fixing his glasses or doing something with his hands.

"I want to see the plans to the building so I won't get lost. I tend to wander." I said shrugging my shoulders. It was true. I wandered all the time. In the middle of sleeping I will get up and do random things like sit down and stare at walls or speak to you, have a full conversation and not remember what I said when I wake up. My dad told me he has seen me do this multiple times. My mother used to do it as well but soon grew out of it. Though if you think about it it is kind of like when Mori got so tired he fell asleep standing up only for his alter ego to take over.

It is quite interesting how the human brain works some times. Like for example how I have been standing right here in this hall way completely ignoring every thing kyoya is saying to me right now and I'm not even trying. I glanced over to see Kyoya say something else to me and walk away.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder.

"Yes?" I asked not even glancing in their direction. I had a feeling I already knew who it was. "Yes Takashi?" I asked though this time I turned to look at him. And the look on his face was priceless. I couldn't imagine any other way to start my day off in a good mood than seeing his face so.... surprised. It really brought joy to my heart and made me remember all the little things in life. :)

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