Kidnapped 25- A Bite or two

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Tohru woke up days later, hardly able to remember what happened days ago.

Yuki sat in the chair next to her bed sleeping. His head pushed back and his mouth lightly open, letting out light breaths.

"Yuki?" She called out tiredly.

Yuki instantly woke up, looking into Tohru's vampire red eyes.

"Y-Yuki.." Her voice was weak, and shaky.

Yuki cleared his throat, while brushing a hand through his hair.

"Tohru, good to see you awake."

Tohru fidgeted in her bed, her stomach growled loudly.

"I'm hungry, can you please get me some food?"

Yuki stood up quietly.

"Uh, yea. What would you like?"


Yuki left the hospital room, pulling a nurse to the side before going to the food court.

"Can you make sure she doesn't get up?"

The nurse nodded and scurried toward Tohru's room.


In the food court Yuki brought Tohru some rice seasoned. One of her favorites, he thought gladly.

He entered into the room, and Tohru smiled.

"That smells good."

Yuki nodded, he handed her the food with a spoon.

She took a bite and reached for a napkin. Yuki expected her to wipe her mouth, but she spit the food into it.

"Is it bad?" Yuki asked curiously.

"It tastes like nothing, it's flavorless."

Yuki quickly grabbed Tohru's spoon, and tried the rice for himself.

He loved the spicy but sweet taste the seasoning gave off.

"What are you talking about? This tastes amazing!"

Tohru pushed the plate toward him,

"Here have it."

Yuki took the plate and started eating it,

"Thanks," He said

Tohru's stomach growled again,

"Gosh I'm so hungry!" Tohru said tiredly.

Yuki thought for a second, vampires don't eat. They eat by drinking blood.

Yuki unbuttoned his collar, exposing his neck. A chill went up Tohru's spine. Tohru knew what Yuki was trying to do.

While he unbuttoned his collar he noticed Tohru's eyes widen.

"What are you doing?" Tohru asked nervously.

"You're hungry, and Fang taught you how to suck somebodies blood without turning them into a vampire, right?"

"I guess, but I've never practiced it before and successfully completed it!Well you know what happened last time..."

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