"Yea Kyo?"

Tohru walked into the room from the kitchen with a bowl of rice in her hand. Tohru was making dinner as usual for the boys.

"You can fly right?"

"Yea, I don't know how to though."

"Time for flying lessons!"


After everyone finished eating Kyo dragged Tohru by her arm onto the roof.

Kyo seemed determined to get her to fly.

"Tohru, when I say 'go' run and jump off the roof."

"W-what? What if I fall?"

"Don't worry, I'll be there to catch you. I'd never let you fall."

Tohru tried to confidently nod.

With that Kyo jumped off the roof.

He screamed, "GO!"

Tohru ran as fast as she could and did a long jump off the roof. She believed she had wings and felt her back get numb. Her bat wings appeared, but slightly. It wasn't enough to make her fly and she fell. Luckily Kyo was there to catch her. He caught her and they both tumbled to the ground.

After many unsuccessful jumps some thing unexpected happened.

Tohru ran and actually flew!

Her bat wings sent Kyo in a daze as she glided in the windy blue sky. Tohru had her eyes closed the whole time, scared. Although, she knew she had completed the task, and is one step closer to being a real vampire.

She landed perfectly on the ground and opened her eyes.

"I did it!"

Tohru started jumping up and down.

"You did it!"

Kyo grabbed Tohru excitedly and hugged her.

"Let's go for a fly!"

Tohru quickly took Kyo's hand and opened her wings and rushed into the sky.

"How are you so strong? How are you lifting me?"

Tohru shrugged her shoulders and giggled.

"Guess it's just my abilities!"


"Look at the sunset!"

Tohru said, as they sat on a tall hill watching the sunset.

Kyo felt a warmth inside him. A feeling he had never felt before. Was this...love? He tried to shake it off...it didn't work,he smiled every time he made eye contact with her. He couldn't accept that he actually fell in love with her.

"Tohru, I need to tell you something."

"Yea? What is it?"

"I lo-"

"Kyo! Darling! Their you are!"

Kagura raced up the large hill and attacked Kyo as he lied on the ground.

"RAPE! RAPE!" Kyo yelled as loud as he could.

"Hi, Kagura!" Tohru smiled and waved.

Kagura stopped and sat next to Tohru on her right and Kyo on here left.

"Hi, Tohru!" She squealed excitedly.

"What are you too up to?" Kagura lightly smiled.

"Nothing much. I just mastered how to fly."


"Yea and I was going to tell her something really important and now that your here I can't. Can you leave?" Kyo didn't want to be mean to Kagura, but the only way for her to actually understand is if he says it mean.

"Oh...ok. Bye Tohru, Bye Kyo."

Kagura sadly walked down the hill and headed for Shigure's house. She had a lot to tell them.


"Guys! Guys!" Kagura yelled as she ran into Shigure's house.

"Kagura! Take your shoes off!" Shigure said loudly.


Kagura slipped off her shoes and ran to the kitchen to find Yuki and Shigure at the table. Yuki was doing homework while Shigure was working on his latest chapter of his book.

"What was it you wanted to tell us?"

Yuki said while smiling to greet her.

"Kyo loves Tohru!"

"WHAT?!" All three of them heard a voice. A little voice.

"Momiji! Get out here!" Kagura yelled.

Momiji appeared with a confused Haru close behind.

Yuki turned to Kagura and said,

"Kagura, how do you know? That stupid cat is as cold as ice. There's no way he could love a warm hearted person like Tohru."

Yuki realized what he said aloud. He blushed to himself.

"I heard him practice saying 'I love you.' At first I thought it was about me, but the second time he said,

'I love you, Tohru'."

"What if Akito finds out?" Yuki asked.

"He won't." Shigure stated.

"We won't tell anyone. This is our secret. Right?"


"I just hope he doesn't break Miss Honda'a heart."

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