It had been almost a week since me and Kyo have been stuck here. Kyo Doesn't deserve this but he doesn't look too mad. "Kyo..."

"If your going to apologize, save it." I sighed to myself. He won't let me apologize. We sat side by side next to the only window with light that filled the room. We had secretly been planning our escape. I know I'm going to screw up. While thinking to myself I realized that Kyo was getting closer to me. "Kyo....?" I trailed off as he leaned toward me. "Kyo! Snap out of it! What's wrong with you!" I heard a shuffle from the darkness in the corner and heard the venomous voice's slippery words "you don't like your gift?" It said. "G-gift?" I paused. "What's the gift?" It took some time to respond. "You've never liked Kyo's attitude...admit I've made him fall in love with you.[le gasp] On the inside he's still normal Kyo ,but on the outside he's what you want him to be."

I shivered and said, "I don't want Kyo to change! I want to go home!" Kyo tried to get close once again. I stood up and ran into the hallway looking for a room to lock myself in. Trying to turn all of the knobs was a complete fail. I curled up in the corner with my face in my knees. I heard footsteps and looked up. Of course, it was Kyo. Who'd I think it would be? The pizza man? He got closer and I said, "Kyo! Snap out of it! This isn't real! You don't love me!"

He smirked and said, "Tohru, Tohru, Tohru. I know you like me too." I stood up and said, "Well Kyo if you think your so confident about it, I hope you have a way of proving it." "I do." He mumbled. He walked up to me until I was leaning against the wall. He put one of his arms above, looked down and said, "If you blush when I look you in the eye. You like me." He slowly raised his head and looked right into my eyes. I didn't feel the red heat on my cheeks until he pointed it out and said, "I knew it." He leaned in quickly and kissed me slowly. [le awkward silence] He slowly pulled away and I said,"Kyo..."

Kyo's P.O.V

What am I doing! I can still think ,but can't control myself or speak. This isn't good. I...just...kissed Tohru! I can't believe this. This kidnapper is such an ass. It's all over...after this.


Kyo slowly smirked and walked back into the room they came out of. Tohru sat there. Not believing it all. Why was this happening? Now Kyo might never be his normal self again! She quickly walked into the room the see Kyo sleeping in the corner.

Tohru's P.O.V

He's sleeping. I slowly made my way to the opposite corner. And sat quietly hoping I wouldn't wake him. Thinking of everything that's going on is definitely crazy.

*Sohma House.

Yuki sat at the table looking at the ground. He knew something was definitely wrong. Instead of sitting

here watching the house and watching Momiji while Shigure and Hatori looked around he should be looking around too. He might have better luck. His purple eyes glowed as he called rats from all over to help him search for Tohru and Kyo.While leaving Momiji with Kagura.

*With Shigure and Hatori*

"This is stupid." Hatori mumbled and Shigure explained his plan to find Kyo and Tohru. "No it's not!" Shigure yelled. "Let me explain it again...Since I'm the dog I'll need to get a women to hug me...or bump into me. Then I can find their scent and find them!" "So your going to randomly bump into a women?" Hatori questioned. Shigure nodded confidently and said "oooooo here's one now." Shigure made it completely obvious and bumped into her. Luckily she didn't realize until after he turned, gathered his clothes and hid in the bush. "Still stupid." "C'mon cheer up Hatori!"

"Cheer up?" They kept walking while Shigure sniffed the ground. They ended up coming to the old house. "Shigure, there's no one here. This is an abandoned house." Someone walked out. "Can I help you?" He said. "No." Hatori said, "We were just walking and my dog caught a scent." He nodded and walked inside. "What was that about." Shigure said quietly. "I don't know ,but there is something wrong with that man."


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