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Kyo walked to Tohru's bedroom with her in his arms. Yuki decided to stay downstairs and tell them what happened. Kyo slowly made his way to her bed and laid her down slowly. He tucked her in he flinched a bit but eventually leaned in a kissed her and said,

"I'm sorry I've failed you. I was suppose to save you." He walked out and headed back downstairs and said,

"We need to talk. Tohru is a-turning into a vampire as we speak. What happens when she turns? What about all of us? Will she remember."

"We may have to meet with Akito about all of this."

Yuki got struck with fear.


Just as they were talking Kisa stepped in and pulled on Shigure's sleeve and said,

"Shigure, can I please go see Tohru. I wanna be there when she wakes up. I miss her."

Shigure nodded and Kisa ran to Tohru's room. She slowly opened the door and stepped in. She saw how Tohru slept. She watched as Tohru struggled to breath and watched as her body tried to fight the transformation. Kisa sat at the foot of Tohru's bed.

"Where's Tohru?!" Uo shouted as she ran in the house while Hana rushed in behind her."

"Upstairs sleeping." Shigure answered.

"I think you guys should let her sleep. She's been through a lot."

Kyo stood and said,

"Yuki, can I talk to you...in private?"

Yuki slowly nodded and followed Kyo outside.

"What do you want?" Yuki said.

"You're really asking what I want? What do we do now? Tohru's transforming as we speak!"

"We need to wait to see if she remembers stuff when she wakes up."

"We can do that, but we have to meet with Akito. This may be worse than we thought."

"Why Akito? We can't meet with him. What if he says Hatori has to erase her mind?"

"Yuki, she's suffering. When she wakes up...if she's not herself we'll have to erase her mind of everything."

While Yuki and Kyo were outside talking Kisa ran down the steps and yelled,

"Tohru's waking up!" Yuki ran inside towards the steps to Tohru's room with Uo, Hana, Kisa, Shigure, Haru, Hatori, Kagura and Momiji. Kyo used his cat like instincts and climbed the roof and entered the window. He made it before everyone else and decided he needed to talk to Tohru alone. He quickly ran across the room and locked the door. Yuki knocked on the door and said,

"Stupid cat, open the door."

"In a minute."

Kyo walked to the bed and sat at the edge of it. He watched Tohru waking up. He studied her eyes closely. Her eyes opened fast. It made Kyo jump and fall off the bed. He crawled to Tohru and kneeled by her bed and said,

"Tohru? Are you ok?"

She sat up and studied Kyo for a second. She looked around and said,

"K-Kyo? What's going on?"

"Your alright!" He screamed.

Kyo grabbed her out of bed

"Kyo wai-" She said.

Kyo ignored her and gave her a big hug. When he let go he looked her in the eyes. He couldn't believe what he saw. Her eyes...they were ruby red.

"Your eyes." Was all he could make out.

"What about my eyes?"

Tohru walked over the mirror and looked at her eyes. She screamed.

"My eyes! What happened!"

Kyo grabbed her head and opened her mouth. His jaw dropped.

He saw her fangs. They were longer than an inch sticking out of her mouth.

"You have fangs too."

The banging on the door started again.

"Open the door orange-top!" Uo yelled. Tohru walked over to the door and unlocked it. The door swung open.

"Tohru!" Uo and Hana yelled and hugged her.

"Hi guys!" Tohru said happily.

"We missed you so much! We were so worried!"

Tears filled Tohru's ruby red eyes.

"Don't cry miss Honda."

Yuki approached Tohru. Tohru hugged Yuki. Yuki's got wide eyed waiting to transform but he didn't.

Shigure eyed Hatori. They finally made eye contact. They gave each other the same look.

Everyone left hours later. It was only Yuki, Kyo, Shigure and herself.

"Tohru? Can you tell me the last thing you remember from being kidnapped?"

Tohru nodded slowly and said,

"Yea. I remember you and Yuki fighting that man. I remember you guys winning. I remember the man disappearing with me. He kept me in a room. I had awakened in it. I remember the second you guys kicked a hole in the wall I felt pain. That's all I remember."

"Tohru..." Kyo trailed off.

"When you blacked out...it was because he...er...bit you. He was the leader if a vampire clan."

Tohru looked confused and laughed while saying,

"Haha! Kyo you really got me! Vampires don't exist silly!"

Just as she said that Yuki pulled out a mirror and put it in front of her face and said,

"Miss Honda, look at yourself. You have red eyes and fangs."

"She can probably turn into a bat and/or get bat wings on her back." Shigure said quietly.

"You're right! I am a vampire. What am I going to do?"

"Don't worry Tohru. I have the perfect plan." Kyo said strongly.

"What is it?" Tohru questioned.

"Well, Yuki remember when the 'clan leader' said that Tohru would come to her true home--or something like that?"

"Yes, your point is?"

"We can get Tohru to go back to the house and say 'she's found her 'true' home. They can teach her what to do as a vampire. I know their is such thing as biting without turning into a vampire."

"I have to go back their?!" Tohru said while panicking.

"Don't worry Tohru. I will be right there with you. I'll be hiding in a bush." Kyo stated.

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