"Are you ready?" Fang held his arm out.

"Yea..." She said in a whisper.

The truth was that she wasn't. She was forcing her smile.


Hours earlier- At the House-

The second Tohru left, Yuki ran upstairs.

"Kyo!" He yelled.

"Wake up!"

Kyo's eyes slowly opened.

"Wha?" He said while sitting up,

"Where's Tohru!" He yelled.

"I don't know! She got up, came downstairs and left after I talked to her!"

"I know where she's going!" Kyo yelled. "Quick! Yuki, tell Shigure to put his best suit on, we've got a wedding to crash."


Yuki,Kyo and Shigure put on their suits, they decided to bring Kisa along, as Kyo's date.

They planned to crash the wedding as Tohru starts the ceremony to be. married.


<still hours earlier>

Tohru had to make dress decisions fast. She chose a long dress. She had a beautiful diamond crown with her hair in curls falling down her back. Her makeup was done simple, she liked it that way, the final touch was her veil, it came down her face. She knew she wasn't ready to get married. It shocked her.

"Ready?" Maki called as she entered the room in a short black mini dress.

Tohru nodded.


**Present Time.**

Tohru linked arms with Fang as the ceremony began. He waited for her at the front of the ceremonial hall.

The doors opened as she stepped onto the trail of flower petals. She held back her tears. She knew that nobody was there to rescue her this time. Nobody knew where she was.

Tohru was very surprised when she found out that the ceremony was not held in a church, Fang does not believe in a 'god' or 'gods' or church. He is a vampire that is not religious to any religious faiths. He also does not show diversity. He is very specific when it comes to certain religions.

She wanted to get married at the church that held her mother's tomb stone; where her mother was buried.

Fang chose everything.

She had finally made it to Fang. Fang was happy, he knew he got his way and that he got to marry the girl he fell head over heels for.

They were about to confirm their marriage, when Yuki, Kyo, Shigure and Kisa suddenly burst the door.

"Stop!" Kyo yelled out of breath.

"Kyo?" Tohru faced him, "Why did you come after me?!"

Kyo walked up to her and was a foot away from her.

"I can't see you get married to him, your not happy."

"I am."

He took her hand in his,

"You're not, I came to stop this because, I wouldn't be able to live without you, Tohru. I guess I love you,"

Tohru's face turned red. She was happy that Kyo loved her.

Kyo suddenly collapsed to the ground.

"Kyo!" Tohru yelled.

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