Important authors note at the end:

Maki shrieked,


Tohru stood in front of Yuki's body on the floor.

"Shhh Maki. Look."

Yuki's body rose into a sitting position. His long hair draped over making his face look blank and eyeless.

A groan escaped from Yuki's lips as Tohru's arms filled with goosebumps. Kyo stood behind Tohru with his mouth gaped open. Maki was on the verge of tears. Tohru was surprised at Maki's reactions.

She's usually the tough one,

Tohru thought.

As soon as Yuki's body rose it fell. His body landed with a bang on the hard ground.

Tohru couldn't take the anticipation of not seeing his eyes. She kneeled next to his body moving his hair out of his eyes.

Tohru gasped and she suddenly heard steps running down the hall toward the room.

Kyo slammed the door open,

"His spirits gone!"

Tohru had already known. In a matter of 30 seconds she saw the dark red eyes Kyo,Maki and herself had taking over Yuki's purple eye color.

"He's back." Maki said eagerly.

Yuki fell with his back onto the floor and stared at the ceiling.

His voice was raspy and low as if he was trying to find his voice,

"Am I dead?"

Tohru sniffled,

"No you're alive."

Yuki frowned a deep frown, his eyebrows creased. He opened it mouth to say something, but quickly closed it.

"What's wrong Yuki?"

Maki said leaning over him putting a hand on his shoulder.

Yuki was startled and jumped a bit. He wasn't aware Maki was in the room.

It's good I didn't say anything.

Yuki thought to with a sigh of relief.

He noticed a boy in the door way, "Who's that?"

Tohru giggled,

"Oh that's just Hayate. We have a lot to explain to you."

Hayate shrugged,

"I'm not that important. Names Hayate I'm Kenta's age and we're frie-acquaintances with each other."

"Way to be mainstream Hayate."

Maki said with a soft chuckle after.

Hayate crossed his arms.

Yuki frowned looking up from the sprawled position he had on the ground.

"Yuki you didn't answer! What's wrong?"

Tohru asked nervously.

Yuki closed his eyes tightly,

"Please don't take this the wrong way."

Tohru felt her cheeks turn red,

Did I do something wrong?

"I fought and fought but then realized I didn't feel any pain anymore. I saw you guys and knew you were all going to be okay. I accepted my death. I let go and was ready to accept it and turn a page into a new lifetime. Everything goes black and then I wake up. Here."

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