Kidnapped- 34


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"Kenta..I'll always remember you. No matter what happens."

Tohru sniffled and wiped the tears from her face. For once her tears weren't about Kyo. They were for Kenta.

Kenta sat next to Tohru and cried with her,

"I don't want to die Tohru. I don't want my life that I've been alive for centuries to end."

Tohru rested her head on Kenta's shoulder.

"I don't think anyone expecting death soon wants to die Kenta."

Kenta took Tohru's chin with his finger tips lightly.

"There are some thing I'd like to experience before dying.."

Tohru looked deep into his eyes and then quickly blinked to see Kenta's lips come to her focus.


She whispered while shutting her eyes quickly. Tohru suddenly felt warmth pressed against her lips.

A kiss? Tohru thought shyly He's experienced this before.

Kenta kisses her for what seemed like minutes. When he pulled away he looked down immediately, his black hair covering over his eyes.

Tohru blushed shyly,

"I've done that before."

Kenta frowned,

"Everyone always pulled away."

Tohru never realized how emotional Kenta really was and how many times he's been hurt.

Hayate poked his head into the room,

"Are you guys done? Like seriously."

Kenta clenched his fists,

"Leave me alone."

Hayate laughed,

"Aww does poor sobbing Kenta want to kiss the girl that doesn't want to kiss him some more?"

Tohru stood up next to Kenta his arm around his arm,

"At least there's someone that's willing to kiss him back. I bet you've never even held hands with someone."

Hayate frowned,

"I'll give you that Tohru. Nice one, but what won't be so nice is the face you'll have as you'll be forced to watch Kenta get tortured to death."


Yuki and Kyo sat on the side walk. They were both breathing heavily while wiping there sweat filled foreheads with their sleeve.

"That was a close one." Kyo said full of relief.

Yuki nodded in response.

"Things are getting so strange. We need to find Tohru fast."

Kyo agreed and they both stood up normally. They walked down the sidewalk casually. Yuki's eyes widened when he suddenly collapsed to the ground from a stinging pain in this back. Kyo turned around shocked. As soon as he looked he also collapsed into the hard sidewalk.

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