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I slid into Kyo's bed, putting the covers on.

"Thank you Kyo..."

I feel the warmth, and yawn tiredly.

I drift off into a deep sleep next to Kyo.

|Next Morning~|

"Well look what we have here!" Shigure had barged into Kyo's room, while Tohro and Kyo were fast asleep.

"Yuki! Kenta! Come look at this!"

Kenta lazily walked down the hall to a smiling Shigure. His hair was sticking up in all places, and his baggy shirt only exposed an inch of the boxer shorts he used to sleep. Yuki followed closely behind already dressed and ready for the day.

"What is it?" Kenta said while ruffling his messy hair.

"See for yourself," Shigure slid the door open revealing Kyo and Tohru sleeping unaware of the people watching.

Kenta's eyes widened,
"So that's where she went last night!"

Kenta's face beamed with anger. He hated how Tohru left him to go to Kyo.

Shigure laughed and elbowed Yuki,

"Looks like somebodies jealous of them!"

He points to Kenta, as he leans against the door way shooting daggers at the two sleeping soundly.

Shigure decides to destroy there happy slumber,

"RISE AND SHINE!" He yells happily as Tohru sits up. She screams making Kyo wake up with a jolt.

She gets out of the bed, while Kyo sits on his bed groggily confused.

Kenta's strong emotions send him into a fit as he storms outside. Kenta's eyes began to glow as his hair becomes blonde and he transforms into his real form.

**Hours Later**

"Kenta!" Tohru calls out into the deep woods. Kenta had been gone for hours.

Looking everywhere, she eventually found him in a tree sleeping.

Climbing the tree and forcing him to come down was a real mission. He refused at all costs, until Tohru mentioned something. Kenta nodded his head instantly running towards the house.

The blonde in his hair was still present as were his eyes, they were still a light hazel. Kenta ran into the kitchen, nervously. He faced Yuki, Shigure and Kyo.

"In my true form I'm a griffin."

Tohru's jaw dropped.

"A-A griffin?"

Kenta laughed lightly,
"Yes that's me,"

Kyo sighed,
"So that's why you have anger issues."

Kenta's cheeks burned with embarrassment,
"I guess.."

Kyo laughed at Kenta's facial expression.

Before Kenta could protest his embarrassment his stomach growled loudly.

Tohru giggled,

"Your stomach growled at the right time Kenta! Dinner is ready!"

They all ate normally, Tohru looked over at Kyo every few seconds watching as he made eye contact with Kenta, a lot. What's going on between them? Her thoughts blocked everything else out.

Everything was like a shield on her, as if she was in a fog. Screaming pierced her ears. Watching Kyo and Kenta go at it. Kenta was fully transformed as well was Kyo...where was Kyo's bracelet? Did it break again? He never go it fixed...

*Tohru's POV*

Was that sleep my last? I remember waking up, with Kyo. I'm stuck somewhere as if I'm dead.

{A few days ago: After The Blood Red Moon's Battle with Fang's Army. Tohru's in bed sleeping not knowing Kenta is in bed too.}

I drift in and out of sleep, the wound from Fang's army really hurts me. I click on my lamp, while lifting up my shirt lightly to examine my stab wound. I wince lightly, it looks worse. I should go tell someone. I step onto the creaky floor, walking into the long corridor. I see Yuki's room and walk in.

"Yuki, help me!" I yell loudly.

I hope he's not mad that I just barged in, I just really need his help. I can't ask Kyo because he's on the roof sleeping in his true form. I almost forgot that he can't get a new one until next week.

Yuki quickly jumps up from his bed running his hands through is hair.

"Yes, Tohru?" He didn't sound that mad, this is the first time I've ever done this.

"Y-Yuki, I think this stab wound is getting infected or something. It looks really bad."

Yuki stands up from his bed and lightly crosses his arms.

"Don't you regenerate health and stuff?"

Yuki's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"I usually do, but I think this is too bad for the regeneration. I think we need to go to a hospital."

Hospital? Yuki thought nervously.

"Tohru, are you absolutely positive you
need a hospital?"

Tohru then nodded seriously, taking a step toward Yuki, the young girl collapsed from the pain.

Yuki being thankful that he was near, picked her up running out of the room.

~Tohru's POV~

Which is my reality? I'm in the hospital in one, and I'm casually normal at home in the other. Why can't I escape the random darkness, I'm trapped somewhere I can't escape. My eyes flicker lightly open. Am I finally waking up? Finally, I can see reality.


Yuki calls from the side of the hospital bed.

"Yuki? What's going on?"

Yuki takes my right hand lightly,

"You were right about needing a hospital. You've been I'm a coma for almost a month."

I sit up sharply,

"Where's Kyo?! Is he still stuck in his true form?"

Yuki shook his head,

"He's in the room next door."

I froze in shock, I suddenly felt dizzy.
What happened to Kyo?!

"Is he okay?! Is he hurt?"

Yuki smirked lightly at me,

"That stupid cat is always getting himself into trouble."

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