Kidnapped 42- The Fight of a Life time (Part 1 of 4)

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A/N: helloo I have my writing pants on so I hope I can make this chapter good. This will be part 1 of a 4-5 part ending. My goal was to make Kidnapped 100 chapters or at least 50, but sadly I don't think I have enough plot left. I want to save the rest for the next book. I seriously need to get myself together. I apologize if this sucks! I'm trying my hardest. I get self conscious easily so anything that worries me will put me down for life if it involves something important to me. Like I'm worried that I will make all of this horrible and lose all of the wonderful readers! I'm not in it for the reads, I'm in it for the amazing opportunity to share my writing to the world! I've met so many people from different places and it's truly amazing. Thank You all! lol I'm talking like it's the end. It's not...its just the end- of this story- soon! I have a few more chapters then the sequel will come after I take a day of no writing to plan an amazing plot. Enjoy this chapter and I hope you can forgive my horrible writing for now! :)

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Chapter 43:

They had been traveling for days with Kyo close behind. Kyo was outraged that they left him behind and wanted in on the action.

They entered a forest.

"This leads to Fang." Maki said confidently.

"We need to end this!" Tohru said with great determination.

Just as they entered the forest an adorable girl jumped in the way. Her skin was pale and her hair was a neon light blue.

"Hi~" She giggled creepily.

"I'm Luna! Master Fang wants me to eliminate the threat." (MY DOGS NAME IS LUNA GUYS)

Maki laughed.

"Okay so Fang replaced me with this tiny creature."

Luna pulled out a gigantic sword. It's transparent blue blade shimmered in the moon light. "I may be tiny and frail, but I'm from the moon. My people have been the strongest life forms for billions of years."

Maki realized she messed up. "We are screwed."

Luna sliced Maki's cheek with one quick twirl. Maki's face oozed purple blood.

"Maki!" Tohru called out. "Are you okay?"

"Yes." Maki said angrily. "..But be ready to fight. This won't be easy."

Tohru stood next to Maki on her left. Yuki was on her right.

Tohru made the first kick sending Luna back into a tree.

"Hey! that's not fair!" Luna screamed while chasing Tohru.

Yuki stood and watched for a second before realizing he needed to take action. Yuki held his fists out.

C'mon with all of this training I'm bound to be able to beat her. Yuki thought confidently.

Maki grabbed Luna from behind and swung her into Yuki.

Yuki kicked her as she came flying toward him.

Luna was on the ground face first.

"You measly earth dwellers think you can beat me?!" Luna yelled.

"Yes." Tohru said while dusting off her hands.

Luna took out her sword as Tohru turned around.

Luna sped to Tohru trying to impale her. Tohru quickly snatched the sword from her grasp and cut Luna's arm clean off with one slice.

"Never..have I ever..thought I'd do this before." Tohru said loudly as he stuck the sword in Luna's other arm.

Luna shrieked.

"Quick now is our chance!" Maki yelled.

They escaped and came to an unfamiliar gate.

"I am Xander."

A young teenage boy with dark red hair faced them.

"Now who is this!" Maki yelled.

"I am Xander. I am new to my master's kingdom and wish to prove my skill by eliminating you all."

Xander glanced at Tohru for a second. "Looks familiar.." Xander thought and then brushed it off.

"He's a vampire and I've never seen him around before.." Maki said in a interested tone.

"Where are you from Xander?" Maki yelled as she punched him in the side.

"I'm from this area. I found out that my parents were my adoptive parents. I found an old letter from Master Fang to my adoptive mother and came here to meet him. I've joined enough talking...let's fight!"

Xander kicked Maki off of her feet in one swift motion causing her to crash to the ground.

Tohru and Yuki looked at each other in disbelief.

Yuki grabbed Xander by the arm and threw him over himself. Xander did a quick flip in the air landing perfectly onto the ground.

"You are all weak." Xander hissed at the group.

"Well what do you expect kid? We've been traveling and hey you aren't doing too good yourself!" Maki snapped at him.

"We came here for Fang please let us see him.." Tohru begged.



"Fight me."

"I'm not fighting you..please let us pass..please."


Xander grabbed Tohru's arm tightly.

"Xander STOP! Please.." Tohru whimpered.

"That sounds like.." Xander froze.

"Let us go."

"Fine, I'll let you through if you bring me someone."

"Who?" Maki barged into the quiet little chat.

"Kyo Sohma, I have some unfinished business with him."

"You can have him." Tohru said sadly.


Kyo sat in the forest sidelines and clenched his fists angrily.

"I'm right here." Kyo angrily stepped out into the forest clearing.

Tohru looked back. She wanted to run into the orange headed boy's arms, but she didn't. Tears welled up in her eyes as she walked past Xander.

Xander let her go.

"Who the hell are you?" Kyo asked the young boy.

"Xander...Xander Sohma.."

Kyo's eyes widened.

A/N: I HAD TO REWRITE THE WHOLE CHAPTER -_- IT GOT DELETED AND I HAD SUCH AN EPIC AUTHORS NOTE. BISH WHET. XD Anyways I'm making the next chapter VEEERY long for you readers THANK YOU FOR BEING SO PATIENT GUISEEEEEE! It means a lot that people waited 5-6 months just for the next chapter. Thank uuuu thank uuu thank uuuu :D

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