"It feels amazing to be back here."

Tohru said as she lied on the couch lazily.

Maki had decided to sleep over the night and was currently checking on Yuki.

Shigure sat on the other side with his face stuck inside of a book listening to Tohru's endless babbling.

Maki saw Shigure's struggle with his distraction as she raced down the steps.

Maki tugged at Tohru's sleeve and motioned for Tohru to follow her upstairs.

Tohru hesitantly got up from her warm spot on the couch and followed Maki up the
steps. When Shigure peeked up from his book realizing Tohru was gone he quickly started reading.


Tohru and Maki sat at the edge of Yuki's bed.

"He's still not breathing!?" Tohru said worriedly.

Maki frowned,
"Tohru don't get your hopes up! This might not work."

Tohru wanted that spark of hope, she wanted to look at Yuki's chest and see the rise and fall of his shaky breaths.

All she wanted was for her and Yuki to run away-the original plan was to stay on the run and keep out of trouble. Instead she found herself looking over her close friends dead body.

Tohru left the room with Maki close behind.

Tohru walked into her own bedroom grabbing her jacket and storming down the steps.

"Where are you going Tohru?," Maki asked.

Tohru opened the screen door,
"I'm going out...alone."

Maki knew that she wasn't wanted in her situation and decided to hang around until she got back.

Tohru didn't go anywhere far, she decided on stealing Kyo's spot on the roof where she could watch the moon rise and stay lost in her thoughts.

She put her arms behind her head and stared into the sky.

What happens if Yuki stays dead? How can we tell if he never wakes up? I just want to see him alive again...him dying was all my fault.

Tohru heard footsteps on the roof.

It's probably Maki...

She turned hesitantly to see who it was and didn't expect to see Kyo standing over her.

Kyo grinned,
"I see someone beat me to it..."

Tohru couldn't help but smile at him.

"Sorry...I just needed to be alone."

Kyo backed up while placing his hands in front of himself.

"I can leave if you want..."


Kyo was surprised at Tohru's sudden action. He took advantage of her asking him to stay and sat right next to her.

"How's Yuki doing?"

Tohru sighed.

"He's still dead."

Kyo felt uneasy sitting so close to Tohru,

"I'm sorry..."

Tohru turned to him and looked him in the eye while raising an eyebrow,
"For what?"

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