Kidnapped 32- Hayate?//Important A/N at the end\\

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Kidnapped- 32

Hayate stormed out of the room Tohru weakly stayed in. He didn't want a family, the guys were enough for him.

He didn't want to have to worry about anything. Hayate knew that all he could care for was himself, because every good thing comes to an end.


Yuki sat in the ally clutching Kyo's bracelet. Wherever Kyo is, it seems that he doesn't need this. Yuki's thought distracted him from the noises of the night in that city. Yuki held the bracelet out on the palm of his hand.

"That's mine." Yuki heard a familiar voice above him. Kyo stood on the top of a building looking down at him.

Kyo suddenly jumped down sitting next to Yuki taking the bracelet.

Yuki watched him slide it onto his wrist.

"Why didn't you need it?" Yuki asked curiously.

Kyo shrugged and leaned his head against the wall making eye contact with Yuki,

"Where's Tohru?" He said with a big interest.

Yuki nervously stuttered, What would Kyo do if I told him I lost her?

Kyo's shoulders tensed up,

"It's not good is it?"

Yuki sighed,

"She ran away from me while we were in the streets. It was so crowded I couldn't find her. I found your bracelet in this alleyway and somehow had a vision, or whatever you want to call it, about how Tohru disappeared."

Kyo played with the bracelet on his wrist and remained quiet for 5 seconds before speaking,

"That's a lot to take in.."

Yuki stared at the sky looking at the stars without Tohru. He regretted the hatred he felt to the little shack under the bridge. He got a clear view of the sky and wondered,

Does Tohru look at those stars too? Does she think about me?

Yuki felt as if he hadn't heard Tohru's giggly voice in years. He didn't mind not hearing it while she was in the hospital because he knew she was safe. Yuki was doubting if Tohru was even still alive. He wished they were huddled in that little shack, not caring how cold it was. Tohru would lightly rest her head on Yuki's shoulder and he would feel sincere and maybe even nervous with butterflies swarming in his stomach.

Kyo was lost in his own thoughts thinking about everything he did to Tohru that was so wrong. From day one he should've always had in mind that her presence in that house was going to make everything BUT there lives normal.


Tohru sat at the window after Hayate slammed the door she hated herself.

Hayate sat outside of the door with knees to his chest.

I hate Tohru. She doesn't understand what it's like to be me. To society we're hoodlums, brainless monsters that kill. I've never touched a weapon in my life. I would have that dead person haunting me, I occasionally see the spirits of the dead haunting the members at what people call our group a gang. I didn't want to be like this most people are proud of who they are, I'm not I wish it'd all be different. I would enjoy having a job, an education and a family.

Hayate's thoughts were cut short from the sound of Tohru's stomach growling from the other side of the door.

I can't do this to her...right?

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