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I apologize for not updating sooner! Im at the beach I said aloud,

"Im gonna go on wattpad."

and my dad was like,

"what the hell is wattpad?" im laughing my head off anyways, Enjnooyyyy!

"Hey, Maki! Long time no see!" Fang had been wearing a hoodie covering his pale skin from the sun.

"What do you want, Fang?" Maki didn't want to see him.

"Nothing, can't a guy just walk around town?"

"When he's the prince of a vampire clan, no." Maki laughed at her remark.

Tohru rolled her eyes at Fang,

"What do you want Fang?"

"You. We never got to finish our wedding."

She sighed while mumbling,

"Thank god we didn't."

Kenta stared at Fang,

"Who's this guy?" Kenta spoke with curiosity.

Fang laughed,

"I'm the prince of a vampire clan."

Kenta's facial expression made Fang laugh.

"Vampires? Those aren't real!"

"Yea they are and Tohru is-"

Tohru quickly ran up and placed her hand on Fang's mouth.

~Tohru's POV~

Kenta doesn't know that I'm a vampire, I'd rather have him not know. I've been wanting to drink his blood for a while now. It's something about him that makes me want to. I have an urge to.

I grab Kenta's arm and start walking with Maki close behind.

"Bye Fang." I say while walking away.

As we're walking Kenta looks back,

"Is that guy really a vampire, Tohru?"

I sigh,

"It's complicated Kenta."

"Can we go home?" I was surprised he wanted to leave.

"What about your gift?"

"I don't want anything, I already got my present."

I lightly blush remembering when he tried to kiss me. Thank god Kyo showed up. I know something's up with him and I'm willing to find out.

We walked home slowly not wanting to rush. Once I could see the house I noticed Kyo leaning against the door way waiting for us,

"Hey Tohru,"

He ignored Kenta, I don't blame him, that kids a little pervert. I walk inside to see Yuki sitting at the table. I honestly haven't had a conversation with Yuki in a while.

"Hey Yuki!" I smile sweetly as he looks up and lightly smiles.

"Hey Tohru."


I cook dinner for everyone and we all eat. Kenta doesn't talk at all, he looks as if he's in deep thought. We talked about random stuff. I brought up seeing Fang today, and Kenta jumped into the conversation.

"Is that guy really a vampire?"

Kyo's jaw dropped,

"How the hell does he know?"

Kenta faced Kyo,

"He told me."

Yuki sighed,

"Fang is such a blabber mouth."

"Maki, would you like to stay the night?" Shigure asked her nicely as she sat at the table.

"Yes, thank you."

He nodded and Maki and I headed to my room. Kenta stayed behind and continued eating.

**Kyo's POV**

Now's my chance to talk to Kenta,

"What was that this morning?"

He swallowed his food,

"What are you talking about?"

I laughed, his game is not fooling me.

"I saw you. You're not fooling anybody."

He suddenly stood up as I did. He's a little more than half my height. I laugh as he looks up at me.

"Why do you care? We're not actually related, our dad adopted me. You should just mind your business."

I laugh,

"Oh please, you are way too young for her," I pat his head, "keep wishing on that shooting star Kenta."

He gets angry and growls, his growl is deep as his eyes turn into a deep yellow. My eyes widen as he storms off to the bedroom. What the hell was that? There's no way he's normal.

Kenta's POV*

I storm up to the bedroom I share with Tohru. I slam open the door and walk over to my temporary bed I made on the floor. I sit still, I need to control my temper more. If I get this angry again-who knows what could happen!

I look up and notice that Tohru is on her bed alone.

"Where's Maki?" I ask curiously.

Tohru turns in my direction and responds quickly,

"She went home to get her things, she should be back soon."

I smirk, finally getting some time to attack her.

She tries to avoid eye contact, When we finally do her eyes turn red and widen. I curiously look at her wondering what happened to her eyes.

Tohru's POV*

Trying to not make eye contact with Kenta his hard, once I give in and look him in the eyes my eyes go red. I already know that my urge for blood is kicking in. Why his blood?

I slowly stand up from my bed, losing all of the self control I have on myself. I've been hungry for days.

"Kenta, pass me the piece of paper with Maki's number on it."

He nods and grabs the thick paper lazily cutting his finger in the process. Blood. I lick my lips. I run towards Kenta and jump on him, I hold his arms down as he struggles. I bring my face towards his neck- my self control had been gone. I don't want to do this, but I can't stop myself. As I lean my face in closer, the room starts spinning as it gets blurry. I black out completely.

URGENT A/N: heyy I'm sorry for not updating! I regret it completely, I have total writers block! I have an announcement!

1. I do imagines...like Fruits Basket one...Creepy Pasta ones...One Direction ones...all dat ishhh.

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