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Tohru ran down the halls searching for Kyo's hospital room. She looked through the small window in each door and sighed in dissapointment.

I can't find him!

Frustration filled Tohru.

She continued running down the hallways, eventually finding a room with the light on. The light illuminated in the hallway, and Tohru's curiosity sent her to the knob. As she twisted it she noticed a young man sitting on the side of the bed, with his head in one of his hands. He was holding a picture, she couldn't recognize who it was from here.

She quickly opened the door with impatience she yelled out,


Kyo stood up startled. His leg cast was now a boot making him able to walk, his arm was still in a cast and his head had a bandage rapped around it. He looked at Tohru wide eyed accidentally dropping the picture he studied minutes ago.

Tohru smiled,

He's okay!

Tohru was glad to see that Kyo was healing fine.

Tohru met eye contact with Kyo.

His eyes aren't the same.

She thought nervously, hoping that nothing was wrong. His usual warm greeting eyes were cold and dark.

She studied him realizing that his hair was black at the roots. He was pale with dark bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.

They stared at each other for what seemed like hours, it was only seconds.

Kyo crossed his arms,

"Isn't there certain times for visiting hours?"

He said plainly as if he was talking to a stranger.

Tohru took a strand of her hair and put it behind her ear, shocked from Kyo's cold words.


She stepped closer to Kyo, she was less than a foot away from him. Tohru looked up into Kyo's eyes, seeing nothing but a plain look.

Kyo suddenly widened his eyes,

"You're the girl from the picture!" He yelled loudly.

He bent over slowly and picked up the old picture from the white floor.

Tohru examined the picture,

"Wow, this picture is really old. It's from when I first moved in with you guys."

"Yuki gave it to me, he thought it'd spark some memories or something."

"Kyo," Tohru's voice spoke shakily, "What's my name?"

She now knew what happened and didn't want to believe it.

Kyo studied her face, trying to get a name to her somewhat familiar face.

Tohru lowered her head and waited,

"I'm sorry, but I don't know. I think Yuki told me, but I forgot.

Tears welled in Tohru's deep red eyes.

"It's Tohru...Tohru Honda."

"I don't remember you at all."

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