After about a minute of thinking Kyo thought he knew the answer and said,

"I know the answer! The key is Tohru!"

Tohru sat next to him on the floor with her face to her knees. Once she heard Kyo say that her head snapped toward him and she said,

"What? How could it possibly be me?"

Kyo was about to tell her a thousand reasons why it would be her and no one else, but they were interrupted by the venomous voice once again,

"Good job ,Kyo."

Kyo and Tohru suddenly looked up at Yuki. Yuki was leaning against the wall thinking, he noticed them staring and said,

"That wasn't me--." Just as Yuki was going to continue he was interrupted by a strange man stepping out of the darkness in the corner. Tohru jumped to her feet and said,

"You...your the one who kidnapped me." The man stepped closer to Tohru. The man had a cape with a hood covering his eyes.

"I'm here for you Tohru." His voice sounded strong and evil. Yuki and Kyo suddenly jumped in front of her and both said at the same time,

"If you want her you will have to go through me first."

They both looked at each other disgusted by one another, but knew that they would have to work together for Tohru. Kyo looked over at Tohru for a second and told her,

"Tohru, go sit by the wall as far from us as possible!"

Tohru nodded in agreement ,but before going she came up to Kyo and Yuki and gave them an air hug while saying,

"Good Luck!"

Then she scurried to the corner covering her eyes.

The fight had began. Yuki made the first kick. Yuki kicked the man from the side. About a second later the man grabbed Yuki's leg and tried to fling him over his shoulder. Yuki put his arms on the mans shoulder while flipping and landed on his feet on the other side. The man growled and took off his cape revealing his handsome self. His eyes were a light hazel, his skin was very pale.

Kyo suddenly jumped in and kicked the man in the chest knocking the breath out of him. Yuki and Kyo didn't look strong enough to beat the muscular man ,but the man was actually very weak. The fight didn't last long. Yuki and Kyo both kicked him sending him against the wall sliding to the floor. Kyo chuckled and said,

"We win, she's ours."

Yuki turned around to see Tohru ,but she wasn't there. "Tohru!" He yelled. Kyo looked back and didn't see her either. They both looked at each other and then where the man sat. He wasn't there either. Kyo filled with anger and yelled,

"Dammit! We were tricked! They have Tohru! What are we going to do now! That guy could be the biggest perv ever! We need to find Tohru!" While Kyo was freaking out Yuki approached the box that lied on the ground and said,

"Shut up stupid cat. We need to find out what's in this box."


Yuki slowly read the words to the riddle in his head.

"What force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do. And many in the street would stand, where I am friend at hand."

"Tohru." He spoke softly.

The box started vibrating. 3 seconds later the box opened. It revealed a very old, rusty key.

Kyo's eyes widened as he spoke,

"A key?"

Yuki faced Kyo and said,

"As much as I hate to say it...we need to work together. This key is probably to a we need to open every door and Tohru will be in?"

Kyo nodded. Yuki could tell Kyo was forcing himself to agree.

Tohru's life is at stake.

Yuki and Kyo started out on the floor they were already on. The house was a good 3 floors with millions of hallways with doors everywhere. Yuki's job was to open doors in order while Kyo was ahead twisting knobs looking for any open doors.

Every door Yuki opened was empty. Kyo was getting frustrated.

"Damn! Where is she!" Yuki wouldn't give up. He knew he had to find her.

They had reached the top floor. Kyo was sweating like crazy. He hoped that the key would work and reveal Tohru. They kept doing what they were originally doing until they heard a very loud cry for help. Yuki turned toward Kyo as they both said, "Tohru...." Kyo and Yuki suddenly felt a lot of power. They ran past every door until they made it to the last door. Who knew what was behind that door. Kyo and Yuki were waiting to find out. Just as Yuki was going to try to unlock the door they heard another cry for help. Yuki sped up, turning the key different ways. It unlocked, but wouldn't open. Kyo face grew serious and whispered,

"On the count of three kick the door down with me."

Yuki nodded in agreement.


They used all of the strength that they had to breakthrough the rotting wood. The door snapped in half. Kyo and Yuki slowly climbed in and saw something they never expected to see. "Tohru!"

Kyo screamed. Yuki couldn't say anything...he was speechless at what lied in front of him.

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