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"W-What happened to Kyo?"

Nervousness struck over her. What did he do? I just hope he's okay! She sits up and looks around cautiously. Getting lost in her thoughts she quickly stands, unhooking herself from the machines and runs to the door. Yuki grabs her arm tightly.

"You can't see him yet, he's in...recovery."

"Just tell me,"

Tohru yells loudly,

"P-please! Why am I here, why is Kyo here?"

Yuki sighed loudly,

"You are not ready for this. Lay down and get some rest before I tie you to the bed."

Yuki aggressively spoke, Tohru's eyes widened.

Tears stung her eyes,

"No. I'm not going anywhere."

Tohru didn't believe that Yuki would actually tie her down.

Tohru tripped Yuki quickly grabbing the door knob.

Yuki fell to the ground and grabbed Tohru's ankle.

Tohru begin screaming,


Yuki remained speechless, throwing the tantrum filled girl over his shoulder. Tohru began punching and scratching at his back.

Yuki walked over to the large hospital bed, plopping her down. He immediately climbed on top of her held her hands down.

A nurse came running in,

"What's going on?!"

Yuki screamed loudly,

"Drug her or something! She's trying to get up!"

The nurse grabbed a needle, she flicked it quickly and inserted it into Tohru's arm. The strong drug spread throughout Tohru's body. She felt limp and her eyes began to close.

"Yuki...I hate you."

He watched Tohru go unconscious, the tears streaming down her pale face.

Yuki frowned sadly,

"I'm sorry."

Tohru couldn't hear Yuki's apology, she lied limp in the hospital bed.


Yuki sat in Kyo's hospital room, they talked for a while.

"She freaked out?"
Kyo fumbled with the cast on his arm.

Yuki nodded,

"S-She said she hated me."

"She probably doesn't- wait who's she?"

"Tohru! You don't remember Tohru?"

"N-No...I only remember a girl, I remember nothing about her."

"This is not good."

"I'm sorry, I can't remember."

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Kyo soon examined all of his injuries.

Broken ribs, broken arm, broken leg, concussion,damn...I'm really messed up!

"Well how are you feeling?"

Yuki asked normally, shaking away his thoughts.

"Better, but everything hurts worse than before."

"What actually happened?"

Kyo's been in the hospital for weeks now, but I still don't know why. Yuki thought curiously.

"That damn Kenta. He sure has some anger issues."

Yuki lightly laughed,
"You got beat up by a fourteen year old boy?"

Kyo blushed in embarrassment.

"Tell me how!" Yuki excitedly said.


[Kyo's POV]

It was when this girl or something fell into a coma.


Kenta came running toward me.

"It's all your fault!" Kenta yelled at me.

"How is this all my fault?"

I spoke with a disrespectful tone, thinking that this pipsqueak couldn't do anything.

Kenta pushed me against the wall. I still have the bruises. I don't remember much, because I blacked out. I remember punching his jaw so hard, I heard a crack. I think I broke it. This kid can't control himself, being a griffin and all. We fought for hours, but it only felt like seconds. Kenta snapped my arm in half, my leg was twisted. The kid even banged my head against the wall numerous times. I got him back, for all know he could be dead.

**End of Flashback+Kyo's POV***

"Dead?" Yuki grew nervous, "Stupid Cat! You killed him?"

Kyo put up his non-broken hand in defense.

"No! I didn't! But he definitely got what he deserved."

"I guess..."

Yuki stayed silent for a moment. Looking at Kyo's arm and realizing that something was missing. He shot out of his chair,

"Kyo! Where's your bracelet?!"

"What are you talking about?" Kyo looked over at his wrist,

"Holy crap, it's gone."

"...But why haven't you turned?"





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