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Kenta's POV:

Having Tohru on me shocked me, I didn't expect this at all. At first being the perverted teen that I am, I got excited. Her eyes...were blood red. Her eye color changes like mine...is she like me? Thoughts flooded my mind as Tohru brought her head closer to my shaking body. I felt a sharp pain and pushed Tohru off as she blacked out. I started sweating crazily as I jumped up and looked into the mirror. I stared at my face, I was pale. I put my hand on the spot I felt pain, I gasped quietly seeing the bruised, bleeding spot on my neck. I look over at her lifeless body, sprawled onto the floor. Panic filled me as I ran down the steps to Kyo and Yuki.

"Guys!" I yell out of breath.

Kyo smirks, "What does the princess want now? Did Tohru reject you again?"

I ignore Kyo calling me a princess.

I quickly point to my neck, Kyo's jaw drops.

"Did Tohru do that to you?"

He looks at my bite and pokes it, I push him away.

"What the hell Kyo, that hurt!" I bring my hand to my bite and cover it.

"Kenta, what did you feel when she bit you?"

"Well, 55% fear, 35% pain, and 10% pleasure."


I laugh, "Long story Kyo."

Kyo paused, "If she bit you why aren't you transforming?"

"Transforming into what?" I honestly didn't know.

Kyo froze and looked down, "A vampire..."

"She's a vampire?" I was shocked.

"Yeah and I'm one too." He pulls down the collar of his shirt revealing a scar.

"Did Tohru do that?"

"Yea, whenever she gets desperate for blood she goes crazy...I got bit while she was transforming into one. Watch when she wakes up she won't remember a thing."

I nod, "She's on the floor right now passed out...is that bad?"

"YES! IT IS!" He ran upstairs into the bedroom to see Tohru sitting at the window.

Kyo's POV***

"Tohru? Are you okay?"

She turns around full on vampire, she's still desperate.

"Kenta...get the ropes...WE ARE TYING HER UP!'

Kenta grabs a random rope from under the bed.

"Why do you have a rope under Tohru's bed?" I crossed my arms glaring at him.

"Cute story...but it's not the right time for it."

He quickly pulls the rope and ties Tohru's wrists together. I jump on her and tie her legs together.

I hear walking in the hallway and see Yuki.

"Umm hey Yuki." I say as he stares inside. I'm still sitting on Tohru as she screams. Kenta's still tying her up.

"I'm not even going to ask, Kyo." Yuki lightly laughs and walks into his bedroom lightly closing the door.

Holding Tohru down when she's a vampire is hard...really hard. She's stronger than anyone,even me...and I'm a guy.

"Kyo, what do we do now?" Kenta looked at me expecting an answer.

"Hold her down until she falls asleep."

*1 Hour Later*

Tohru was finally knocked out. Kenta and I put her on her bed and we walked downstairs.

"What happened?" Yuki stepped out of his room with a concerned look.

Kenta pulled the collar of his shirt down and pointed to it.

Yuki's eyes widened, he had the same reaction as me.

"Tohru went crazy and bit Kenta! Now he knows that Tohru and I are vampires!"

Yuki sighs,

"At least he doesn't know about the zodiac."

Kenta's eyes lit up suddenly having an interest in the conversation,


Yuki instantly stayed quietly. Nice job Yuki. He's now going to be suspicious.

"Damn rat." I stood up and walked outside to climb onto the roof.

Kenta's POV**

Why did Kyo call Yuki a rat, what's the zodiac? They're really weird. I lower head trying to think. Should I tell them my secret? Its probably not that shocking because, I mean they're freaking vampires!

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