Here's Shigure and Hatori's part! It's very short because they didn't do much, but I'll add what happens with Yuki ,Kyo ,and Tohru.


Shigure and Hatori looked at the house. Shigure's whole 'plan' wasn't very successful, he eventually turned back and had to put his clothes on in a bush. Hatori started walking back to the house with a disappointed Shigure close behind.

Tohru hugged Yuki's arm tightly as he led her down the hallway with Kyo close behind.

"I'm glad your safe ,Miss Honda." He mumbled while looking back to see if Kyo heard.

"Thanks, Yuki...and Yuki?"


" said Tohru was the first said that to me...or in front if me."

Yuki felt awkward ,and didn't know how to respond he just kept running.

After about 30 mins of running Kyo noticed something and said, "Hey, damn rat! I think we're going in circles!"

Yuki turned around and said, "That can't be possible! We've been running and going different ways you stupid cat!" Tohru just stood there quietly until she said,

"Guys, No kidnapper would make it this easy to escape a run down house that's crumbling. There has to be something with this house that we need to figure out or do to get out...but for now we need to look around and search for clues to get out of here."

Yuki nodded in agreement. They slowly walked down the hallway making sure they turned different ways, the outcome was the same, They were stuck in some sort of riddle.

Tohru slowly walked while feeling the wall for any clues. Nothing stuck out to her until she heard creaking from an area on the ground. The ground creaked everywhere ,but this was different. Tohru slowly kneeled by the creaking floorboard and said, "Yuki, Kyo, do one of you have a knife?" Yuki slowly shook his head while Kyo dug threw his pockets looking for a knife. After a few seconds of searching he took out a small pocket knife.

"Perfect!" Tohru said while taking the knife from Kyo's hand.

She slowly scraped the edges with the sharp knife. After about 4 minutes of scraping she lifted the wood easily. Lifting it up revealed a small box with words sprawled on them. She held the small box in her hand while she stood up slowly and said,

"Guys...look what I found..." Kyo and Yuki turned to her and examined the box while Tohru read the words,

"What force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do. And many in the street would stand, where I am friend at hand." Kyo shook his head and said,

"What the hell does that mean!" Yuki read once more and said,

"It kind of sounds like me anyways."

"How?" Kyo blurted.

"You see, I've never been very social and I'm hard to figure out... as some people say, but ever since Tohru came into my life I feel like a different person. Everyone that tried to figure me out used force and strength. All Tohru had to do was come live with us...and she changed us...she changed me."

Kyo had a weird expression ,but got what he was saying and said,

"What if this 'key' is Tohru herself?"

Tohru looked confused. She felt like this kidnapper knew her from somewhere. She didn't know many people...that was the confusing part for her.

A/N: HOLA! what do you think the answer to the riddle is? DO NOT GOOGLE IT YOU WON'T FIND IT ON GOOGLE. I got the riddle from google but I made up my own answer...teehee... Well....sorry it's short....I really wanted to post this chappie already...I was getting very anxious.but...





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