I scream Kenta's name as I watch him collapse onto the ground. He has too much power, it's overwhelming for him. Being 14 year old boy with that power can cause...death. I quickly run out of the house wincing in pain from my newest stab wound. I try to lift Kenta up, I notice he's turning back into his human form. I watch his face morph back and his hair turns black.

"Kyo, Yuki! Just go inside. I'll handle them."

Kyo nods, still in his true form, and runs, climbs up the house to the roof and sits watching Tohru. Yuki nods knowing Kyo will be there and walks inside hesitantly.

Maki grabs Kenta's other arm as we lift him inside. We walk him up to my room and lie him on my bed lightly.

I turn around to get bandages for his scrapes,

"Uhh Tohru?"

"Yea, Maki?"

"You know Kenta's naked right?"

"What?!" I turn around and instantly cover my eyes with my hands.

"I'll get Yuki, he may be able to dress him without covering his eyes."

Maki stands up and walks down the hall into the kitchen to Yuki.


~10 minutes later~

I hear Yuki's soft voice echoing from the hallway as he gets closer to my room.

He opens the door slowly,

"You want me to put clothes on your brother?"

I nod turning my back to Kenta,

"Yes thanks."


~2 hours later~

Kenta is in my bed sleeping while I talk to Yuki, Maki and Shigure about the events that have happened.

"It was so obvious that Fang was going to show up, I wish we didn't have our guards down like that."

We knew it was coming, but we thought'd be just him.

"Yea, he had so many people with him. What is he trying to gain from all of this? No offense Tohru, but I don't think he wants you anymore. I mean they literally stabbed you in the stomach, again." Maki lightly laughed.

"Yea...you're right..."

I yawn as my eyes start to close. I look over at the clock,

"3 AM? No wonder why I'm so tired! I'm going to sleep, goodnight."

I drowsily walk up the stairs and open the door to my room. I slide into my bed completely forgetting about Kenta.

*5:00 AM*

I wake up slowly, I really wish I had hours more to sleep. I turn to my side lazily and get startled when I see Kenta in my bed. Phew, it's just Kenta...KENTA!? I spazz and fall out of my bed waking Kenta. He jumps up and sees me on the floor.

I quickly lift myself from being sprawled on the ground and attack me with a hug,

"YOU'RE OKAY!" I yell loudly.

He puts his finger over my mouth whispering, "Shhhhh, you'll wake the rest of the house!"

"Oops!" I say quietly.

I sit next to him on the bed,

"Kenta, what are you?"

"What am I?"

"You're some sort of creature."

"I'll tell you tomorrow, in front of everyone."

I nod and look up at Kenta. He looks at my lips and into my eyes. Next thing I realize, his lips are pressed to mine.

I push him away and yell loudly, "Seriously? What is wrong with you?!"

I scramble out of the room, sitting in the hallway. Where do I sleep now? The floor? No, no that's too cold! Definitely not with Shigure or Yuki. What about Kyo? He'll probably say no, but its worth a shot. I slowly tiptoe into Kyo's bedroom.

"K-Kyo?" I say nervously while standing at the side of his bed. He lays there silently, you could hear a pin drop. He quickly gets up, so now his fast cat reflexes work. He sits up on one of his shoulders groggily.

"Tohru? What do you need?"

"Can I stay here with you? Kenta's still in my bed and he's his normal creepy younger brother self again."

~Kyo's POV~

My eyes widen, she wants to stay here...with me?! I watch as she nervously makes eye contact with me. Even if I didn't want her here I'd have no choice. That damn Kenta is in her room. I pull up the cover moving over,

"Get in.." I smile lightly, but the darkness covers it leaving it for only me to know.

She walks around the bed and slides into the bed slowly hesitating.

"Goodnight Kyo..."

"Goodnight Tohru..."

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