Kidnapped 30~ Runaways

ITS CHAPTER 30! Time to celebrate! :D PARTAY PARTAY PARTAY! Woot! Chapter 30 began getting written on December 27, 2013! I'm probably the only one so excited about this but I'm happy! I didn't think I'd come this far with this story...thank you all so much! I'm super excited to see what comes next of Kidnapped: HAPPPPYYY NNNEEEWWWW YYYYEEEEAAAAAARRRRRR! It's 2014!! :D Don't forget to vote and comment!


Tohru and Yuki sat on the fountain for hours. They didn't talk, they didn't think. They dozed off to a place where everything was happy. The old days where they would go to school, go home and maybe even sometimes have a job. Tohru stared at the stars in the clear sky. The dark night was illuminated with the full moon. By three to four am the night sky filled with clouds, it began to snow heavily. Yuki snapped out of his trance,

"Time to go Tohru."

Tohru nodded in agreement and followed him down the sidewalk out of the park.

"Where do we go?"

Tohru said nervously.

"We can't go home that's for sure. We can't just hang around out here in the freezing weather."

Tohru yawned loudly,

"What should we do then?"

Yuki took Tohru's hand,

"Follow me and when we find a place we'll sleep."

Tohru weakly smiled,



After searching for what felt like hours they came across a small shed under a bridge. The bridge was beautifully lit up from the top, but the bottom was full of waste. Garbage. Like worn out tires, wrappers from food and random things dumped.
Yuki sighed loudly,

"This'll have to do for now."

They climbed into the little shed. They both lied apart. The distance they had was a huge gap. Yuki wanted to hold her and keep her warmer, but doing that felt wrong to him. He knew that Kyo loved her before his memory got all messed up. It's didn't feel right to him. Tohru loved Kyo, Kyo loved Tohru. Why did he feel a burning in his chest when he thought about them together?
Another reason why he couldn't hold her was because of the zodiac curse. He looked over at Tohru's shivering body.

"Tohru, come here."

She scooted over slowly. They laid next to each other.

"Go to sleep Tohru I'll keep a lookout."

She sat up,

"Huh? Aren't you tired Yuki?"

Yuki shook his head,

"No. I'm not,"

He was interrupted with a distracting yawn,

"Yes I'm exhausted, but I'd rather have you sleeping."

"Don't worry Yuki I can stay up."

Yuki was unsure,

"Are you sure?"

Tohru smiled,

"If course I'm sure! Besides I'm a vampire after all, I don't need sleep that much."

Yuki fell asleep quickly. Tohru sat next to Yuki with her knees pulled to her chest. She looked around nervously scared at any little noise made outside of the run down little shack. Yuki's light breathing comforted her, she knew that she wasn't left alone.

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