Kidnapped 28- Back with the Sohmas!

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|Important Author's Note at the end! please read it! Thanks!|

Tohru walked along the pathway to the house. Excitement fills her, it's good to be home! Tohru slides the door open and sees Shigure. Shigure is reading the paper, he looks up and noticed Tohru.

"Shigure! Hi!"

He smiles,

"Hello Tohru! I haven't seen you in over a month."

"It's nice to see you."

Tohru takes off Yuki's warm jacket and hangs it up.

"Is Kenta here?"

Yuki frowned as Shigure answered.

"He's in the back garden. I'm surprised he's actually outside. He was locked up in his room for over a month."

Tohru ran threw the house forgetting to take her shoes off.

"SORRY!" She shouts behind her.

Tohru opened the screen door quietly. Kenta's back was toward her. He sat in a bed of flowers, he wore his thickest jacket.

Tohru took small steps to the garden. Kenta's black hair shined in the sunlight.

"Kenta?" He quickly turned around, he had a nervous look on his face. Tohru studied his face. He looked older to her. The young boy was pale as a ghost with a dark black eye.

"What happened!?"

Tohru kneeled in front of him and put her hand on his cheek.

Kenta ran a hand through his hair,

"J-Just some kids from school. It's not a big deal."

Tohru knew it was a lie, she let it go.

Kenta tried to change the subject.

"How's Kyo?" Kenta said nervously.

"Horrible. He forgot his memory and has like multiple injuries."

Tohru noticed the crutches thrown on the floor next to him and the cast on his arm.

"You and Kyo are both...injured."

Kenta sighed, "It's my fault. We got in a fight and Kyo actually got beat up by a 14 year old boy."

Kenta couldn't help, but give Tohru a crooked smile.

Tohru sat next to Kenta,

"I missed you." Kenta spoke awkwardly.

Tohru put her arm around Kenta's shoulders,

"Don't be so shy, I missed you too."

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Lets go inside. It's cold!"

Tohru said while rubbing her arms from the cold.


Mary sat next to Kyo in the hospital room. Kyo was ready to give up. Mary kept insisting he try to remember.

"I can't do it! My head hurts from thinking so much!"

Kyo crossed his arms in frustration.

"You can do it, but if you insist, we could always do other things."

Kyo stood up, he limped over to the hospital door.

"No thanks." He said bitterly.

Mary chased after him grabbing his injured arm twisting it behind his back. Kyo screamed in pain hearing his arm crack and break.

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