.Tohru shook with fear as Kyo pushed her toward the house. Now that Tohru was a vampire Kyo wanted her to got to the vampire clan and ask them to teach her, her abilities.

"C'mon Tohru you can do this."

Yuki and Kyo sat in a tree waiting for Tohru to go.

"I believe in you Miss Honda. Don't worry."

Tohru nodded confidently and walked right inside. For some reason she knew exactly where to go. She opened the door to see Fang.

"Fang..." She mumbled.

"Ah." He said."The princess has come home."


"Yes, princess. You see I'm the leader of this part of the clan. I'm the prince. I rule the east clan. My sister, the princess, rules the west and my parents the king and queen rule the north and south. My sister has found her husband. My father and mother have been forcing me to find a bride. Then I saw you.

I saw your flowing hair and your beauty that attracted me. You had to be mine. That's why I kidnapped you. By becoming a vampire you have sealed a contract to be my wife for all eternity."

Tohru was ready to disagree, but remembered what Kyo told her.

Fake it. Fake it. Fake it. Fake it.

Tohru smiled widely and said, 

"Perfect. I can't wait, but before we get married can you teach me my abilities as a vampire?"

He nodded.

"Lets get going then." Tohru said.

"Ok so for sucking blood there's a certain way to. If you do it wrong you will turn the person into a vampire. You must bite a certain spot on their neck." Fang explained.

"Ok so can we fly?"

"Yes. We can turn into bats, get bat wings, run as fast as a cheetah, and be nocturnal."

"Can we die?"

"Yes. But not easily. If we get stabbed or hurt really badly we regenerate."

"What about a stake through the heart?"

"Really? That's so cliché! Anyone would die if they were stabbed in the heart."

"But I thought we were immortal."

"It's complicated. Just don't get stabbed in the heart...ok?"

"Ok. But what about sunlight and being nocturnal?"

"Well, in the sun you won't boil up and die. You'll get sunburn easily and your skin will be sensitive toward it. And about the nocturnal thing...you'll be really tired during the day and wide awake at night."

"Ok! Thanks for everything."

"Your leaving?"

"Uh yea."


"I need to go home."

"Home? You are home."

"No I'm not. I mean the home before this one."

Fang nodded and took Tohru's hand and kissed it while saying,

"Until we meet again...my bride."


He nodded and Tohru walked out. She jumped out of a window and landed perfectly on her feet. She looked around for the tree that contained Yuki and Kyo. She eventually found it.

"Any luck?"

"Yea I found out a lot."



Kyo fell off the branch of the tree.

Yuki laughed to himself and said,  

"Stupid cat."

"Kyo are you ok?"

Tohru ran to Kyo as he lay on his back.

"Yea I'm fine."

He sat up and scratched the back of his neck.

"Good! Well, we should head home. I need to start making dinner!"

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