Kidnapped 11- Is

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"Alone at last." Kyo mumbled to himself.

"What?" Tohru said. She didn't hear him, but knew he said something.

Kyo stiffened up and said,


Tohru nodded slowly. She didn't know what was going on with Kyo. He was acting strange.

"Tohru...we should head back." .

Tohru nodded and they walked home.

As they walked Kyo thought it was time to tell her how he felt.


"Yea Kyo?"

"Have you ever liked someone so much that you can't tell them?"


Kyo thought she said 'no,yes, and kinda' at the same time.

"Why,do you?"

Tohru's question echoed in his mind.

"Yes." He wanted his answer to be short to the point. He didn't want her to ask any questions.

Tohru looked disappointed and said,

"You finally fell for Kagura?"

Kyo heard her words and wanted to laugh as hard as he could. He didn't want to be rude, but he didn't think he'd ever 'fall' for Kagura. Even if the world depended on it and they needed to have children to save the human race. No way. The only words Kyo could say were,

"Hell no!"

"Really? Then who?"

Kyo felt butterflies in his stomach. He didn't reply.

"Aww,little Kyo! Have you been eating caterpillars? Because you have butterflies!"

Kyo didn't get what she meant, but said,

"She's closer than you think."

He smirked. They didn't have anymore time for conversation about the unusual topic. They were already home.

"Kyo, my love!"

Kagura ran out of the house and hugged Kyo tightly making sure Tohru saw.

"Oh hi ,Tohru! Didn't see ya there!" Kagura wasn't herself. Tohru wondered what her issue was. Was she trying to make her jealous? Nonsense. Tohru knew that Kagura was her friend.

"Should I start dinner?"

Tohru looked at Shigure and questioned him.

"Heavens no. Tonight, we go out!" Shigure answered.


"That was good." Shigure rubbed his stomach in satisfaction.

Tohru nodded in agreement while watching Kagura try to snuggle with Kyo's arm.

She felt a warmth in her that made her blood boil. She ignored these mixed emotions.

What she didn't know is that she was filled with jealously.

She wanted to do that to Kyo.

She wanted him to hug her.

She wanted him to love her.

She wanted him.

She loved him.

Tohru knew how ridiculous she was acting. She didn't care.

And one day she might just tell him.

"We're home!" Shigure said happily. Shigure is just a person in this drama, Tohru thought. He doesn't know anything that's going on.

Tohru turned to make eye contact with Kyo. While she looked over Kagura quickly kissed Kyo. Kyo fumed with anger. She pulled away from her grasp and headed toward the roof.


"Fang!" Maki screamed.

"What, Maki? Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Who cares if you're busy! The mission is a success! Possessing Kagura and making Tohru jealous is perfect!"

"Well, I am a genius." Fang bluffed.

"Stop bluffing, Fang."

"Wait! This proves that Tohru loves Kyo and not her husband to be!" Fang filled with anger.

"It's obvious that she doesn't love you."

"You'll see....she will love me."


Love you~






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