Kidnapped- 33

"I don't know where Yuki and Kyo are...I was hoping you knew."

Kenta laughed, "I wish I knew.."

Kenta stood up and leaned against the door,

"I guess I'll go look for them-,"


Tohru yelled quickly in response.

"Please don't leave me here...please."

Kenta sat next to Tohru and sighed.

"How do you expect them to come then?"

"I don't know. Just give them time."

Kenta looked at Tohru in awe. He didn't understand why she didn't want their help fast.

"Why don't you want them to come fast?"

Tohru took a stray strand of her hair and placed it behind her ear before answering.

"No reason...I just don't want to make them try so hard. This has happened before it's not a shock. Well, not days later it isn't."

Kenta gave Tohru a crooked smile,

"Oh please Tohru, you're not fooling me. What's really the matter?"

Tohru hid her face in her knees quickly.

"I don't know what to say to Kyo...I'll see him again. It's been what- a week? And I've managed to get myself into another situation where him and Yuki end up coming to my aid once again."

Kenta frowned slowly he took Tohru's face out of her knees.

Kenta looked into Tohru's deep eyes,



"You're crying..."

Tohru giggled quietly sniffling wiping her tears, "I'm sorry..."

Kenta faintly smiled, "Don't be, but don't take this weirdly but I'm pretty sure crying is a good thing right now. What I mean is people always say save your tears for people who are worth it Kyo may not remember everything, but he still holds you in a special place in his heart. I bet you do the same."

Tohru sniffled again tears slowly streaming down her pale face,

"No Kenta, I know he's worth it. I'm's just that after everything he's had to do-the way I've affected him as a person. It's changed him."

Kenta patiently listened, he knew that Tohru needed this time to pour her thoughts out.

"I-I just think that if I hate him and let him go he can become a better person."

Kenta shut his hands around Tohru's hands tightly and whispered,

"Oh Tohru..he'll only be lost without you."

Lost? Tohru thought curiously.

Kenta interrupted Tohru's thoughts,

"This may be the last time I'll see you so I'd thought it'd be a good idea to tell you some stuff."

"Go on.."

"It's just some random things I've wanted to say. Me and Hayate and some others of our age work for a group. We follow the rules they give us protection. We get missions to fulfill. We all have a special've probably figured out Hayate's by now. You already know I'm a griffin, so the both of us already broke a rule. Like in baseball three strikes your out. I have 2 already."

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