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Tohru sat in a room once again. Everything she had was scraped off of her. Her wallet, jacket, and most of her clothes. The broken window gave no warmth, it let the cold surround her and freeze her weak body. She felt like she was there for weeks, it was only one day. Tohru cried the day they brought her, she kicked, she screamed, nothing worked. Being blood thirsty caused her weakness. Coming to this place scared her and reminded her of that fall day months ago.

They...they took the stuff out of my bag. My money and the picture of my mom. They laughed at it and asked why I had it. "My mom died.." I said in response to them. One of them frowned and regretted ever touching me. I could tell by the look on his face. He lightly gasped when the other guys shattered the frame of the picture and laughed.

Tohru sat with her knees to her chest shivering from fear and cold. The door opened slowly and she worried.

They're back.. Tohru's cheeks burned from the nervousness.

Only one of the guys entered and he held something behind his back. It was the one that wasn't going to hurt her.

"Hey.." He said awkwardly approaching Tohru.

She sat up and faintly smiled. She knew he didn't deserve a smile, but she gave him one anyways.

"I couldn't get the money back..but I managed to fix the frame of this,"

He held out the picture to Tohru and her eyes lit up. She took the picture and held it to her chest.

"Thank you.." She whispered.

The strange man sat next to Tohru.

"They left me charge."

"Why aren't you hurting me?"

The guy ran a hand through his hair and leaned against the wall.

"Everything seems rough for you, wouldn't want to make rougher."

Tohru rolled her eyes lightly,

Tohru stopped in her tracks,

Am I really going to act like this?

"Please, this is just nothing compared to what I've been through lately."

He grinned, "I'd love to know."

Tohru laughed,

"Don't you have a job to do?"

He crossed his arms and smiled,

"Well I'm the only one here and have nothing to do for hours. I got time, by the way...what's your name?"

"I-I'm Tohru...what's your name?"

He scratched his head nervously,

"I'm Hayate."


Tohru explained everything to him, from getting kidnapped, minus the vampire part, the whole brother thing and many other eventful memories.

"You've had it way worse than me..." Hayate spoke sadly.

"I was an orphan from birth and got adopted at 11. Nobody wanted me everybody thought I could talk to spirits because my mother was supposedly a medium. And one of the reasons I came to talk to you was that when you said your mom died a women appeared next to you. She gave me a stern look as if she would kill me if I didn't help you."

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