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Mary was a peculiar child. She always sat at the back of her class doodling away in her journal. The journal that was off limits to everyone she's ever known. Mary would mumble things to herself and giggle in a silent room. Mary's mother took her to countless physiologists and none of them were able to diagnose her with something. She was fine, but acted strangely. Her mother sent her away to an insane asylum when she realized her daughter was killing outdoor animals and hoarding them in her drawers. As punishment her mother took that journal that was life to her. Mary screeched and fought until the day came. Mary wasn't an ordinary child she had abilities that caused so many deaths that night in the cold asylum. No one survived that dreary night. The walls lit with flames and people sobbed and wailed as there skin burned and melted off of their frail bones. That night Mary went to her mother's house with only one thing in mind...to eliminate the person that started all of this. Without hesitation she stabbed her mother's eyes out with a kitchen knife. Her mother's eyes were red and bloody. All she could see was red, as she died slowly she whispered, "Bloody..Mary..." and died into her daughter's giggling arms. Mary loved the feeling of killing and loved the nickname her mother have her and with that she did research on the legend of Bloody Mary and became spiritually attached to the legend almost being the spawn of the actual Bloody Mary. And so, whenever giggly children or teens dare each other to do the dare thinking nothing will happen, they are in for a big surprise when they look into the mirror and see glowing red eyes behind them.


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Chapter 40-

Kidnapped: The Hunt

Tohru clenched her fists angrily,

"I'm sick and tired of everyone I care about being at risk of dying."

"Finding her would be hard. We probably have to wait until she randomly shows up."

Tohru sighed,

"We don't have that much time."

"She doesn't even deserve us looking for her."

Kyo clenched his jaw angrily,

"We have no choice. What's done is done. Lets start the hunt."


"Oh Fang dear! You simply spoil me!"

Mary lied across Fang's desk holding a Ruby bracelet in her small pale hands.

"How'd you know I loved red?"

Fang laughed,

"It wasn't hard. After all red is blood. Blood is your calling after all. Now what brings you here today."

Mary sat up from laying on his desk and sighed dramatically,

"That brat Tohru Honda is trying to hunt me down...oh Fang I need some help ending her."

Fang smiled flashing his pearly white fangs at her.

"I can't help you kill my wife."

Mary couldn't hold in her laughter,

"Oh please! She called that off when Kyo collapsed."

Fang's eyes widened,

"How do you kno-"

Mary put a finger to her lips,

"I have my resources."

She stood up and her long red dress trailed at her feet,

"Please think about it, she's done so much to you and you do nothing in return."

With those words Mary left Fang alone in silence.


Tohru, Kyo, Yuki and Maki set out to find Mary.

They had no leads on where to look. No information...nothing.

"Who can we talk to to find answers?"

"No idea."

"Do you think Akito knows?""

Yuki shivered.

"N-No he probably doesn't."

Kyo crossed his arms,

"There's only one way to find out."

Yuki was terrified. He didn't want to see Akito.


They made their way to the Sohma housing. The security seemed to be lacking some things so they were able to get in easily.


Momiji yelled happily.

He broke the stealth they had.

Kagura suddenly peeked her head out of a house and saw Kyo.


She yelled loudly.

Kyo rolled his eyes and mumbled,

"This is going to be harder than I thought."


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