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*Next Day*

*Tohru's POV*

I woke up in my bed, what's going on? How am I here? The last thing I remember is asking Kenta if he could hand me Maki's number. I was going to call her to ask her to hurry. She could've helped when I attacked Kenta...attacked...Kenta- I ATTACKED KENTA? I can't believe it...I did it again. I quickly roll up the cover running downstairs.

"Kenta! Did I bite you?" I straight out ask him, Kyo probably told him about...everything.

He nods while showing me the bite,

"Yes you did Tohru. Kyo and I had to tie you up, and you broke out of the ropes while you were sleeping- I guess."

I walk closer and lightly touch it, he winces. I apologize for touching it and lift up his shirt collar,

"Don't want anyone seeing that!"

"So you're a vampire?" Kenta says to me weirdly.

I nod my head,

"I wasn't always one, but I'm one now."

Kenta looks at me,

"I'm no different than you- I hope you know that."

My eye brows furrowed, what does he mean? Is he some sort of vampire? Is he like me?


He looks away nervously and walks into the kitchen. I soon follow him.

I pull out a pan,

"Who's hungry?" I say happily.

I start cooking and Kyo starts randomly talking,

"Today's suppose to be one of the 'special moons'."

I look up at him,


I bet the moon will look pretty,

"What's the name of the moon?"

"The Blood Red Moon," Maki walked in with her hands on her hips,

"I really don't know how it works, I think it has to do with the earth blocking the sun from lighting up the moon- it's also the day that all creatures are at their strongest power."

I'm guessing that includes me,

"Like us?"

She nods, while I quickly hand out breakfast.

"Can we all watch the moon rise together?" I ask happily.

"Sure, why not." Kyo says while stuffing his mouth with food.

I look over at Kenta and see that he's nervously sweating,

"Will you join us Kenta?"

He slowly nods, "Yay! I can't wait!"

**Kenta's POV**

I don't know if I can be around people during this strong moon. I can turn at anytime...uncontrollably. I could hurt them. Now I have to sit around all day thinking about tonight.

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