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Yuki stared up at the odd looking house. It towered over him. So this is where his rats lead him? His rat army was close behind him. Looking at his rat army now he realized that his rat army could easily be defeated--if anything attacked--which he doubt would happen coming from that rickety old thing someone used to call a house.

Tohru kneeled by the small window. She could feel Kyo closing in on her and brush by her neck. He must be awake now. She turned around slowly and realized he was still knocked out in the corner. She wondered what it was ,but brushed it off. Little did she know that she was being watched every second of the day. This person wasn't normal. Does this "kidnapper" have a relationship with with the zodiac? Questions filled Tohru's mind. She turned back to the window and stared outside. Suddenly she noticed a very very familiar face!

"Yuki!" She screamed loudly waking Kyo.

"Tohru, be quiet...I'm sleeping here!" Kyo had an annoyed tone in his voice. She mumbled sorry and tried banging on the glass. She paused. What if Yuki came and got trapped too? She stopped and continued looking at him.

That light bang made Yuki jump. He didn't expect anyone to be around so he was off guard. He turned to the where the sound came from. He noticed a girl sitting at the window and a guy that came up with orange hair. Girl..? Guy with orange hair..? Tohru and Kyo! Yuki studied there expressions. Tohru didn't look happy at all, but Kyo did?

She noticed Yuki staring and lightly waved before Kyo looked his way, frowned ,and dragged her away from the window.

That angered Yuki, with all his strength and experience, he kicked a huge hole into the wall of the rickety house. It wasn't hard. The house was very weak and shaky already. He quietly slid in and started making his way down the hallway. He looked towards the floor for a second, when he looked back up their stood a very beautiful girl. Her hair was pitch black, had red lips and red eyes...and a beautiful smile. Yuki was stunned until she growled at him and said,

"What are you doing in my house." Yuki looked at her carefully realizing shes not human.

"Looking for my friend, I saw her through the window."

"Oh yea. Masters new prisoner. I think there's a guy up there too. I think his name is Kyo-or something."

"What is your intention of having them here?"

The strange girl tightened her fists and said, "like I'd tell you...by the way I'm Maki." (Mah-kee)

Yuki knew he didn't have time for this nonsense so he walked away from her and headed up the steps. Anger filled Maki as she stomped away and yelled,

"I WASN'T FINISHED WITH YOU! ASS!" Yuki ignored her and turned the corner. As he walked he could hear voices. He grew closer until he came to the door that the voices came from. He slowly opened the door. The first thing he saw was Tohru. She looked like she hadn't slept in days or eaten in days. Her lively smile was into a small frown. She dazed at the ground as Kyo tried to get her attention. Yuki felt disgust just looking at Kyo. It wasn't until Yuki called Tohru's name that they noticed him walk in.

"Yuki!" Tohru said as she smiled with happiness. Yuki lightly smiled. Her award winning smile was back. Yuki's smile broke as he realized his purpose right now and said,

"Hurry guys, we don't have much time. We need to get out of here! C'mon Tohru!"

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