*Tohru's POV*

Mom...what do I do now? Life is confusing, I haven't had the time to sit around and think about the confusing life I have. If only my mom was actually here, to help me, to guide me. She was my hero, now I guess I can only count on myself for personal things. Kyo doesn't know who I am, but he knows that I somehow love him. I know he's trying I can see it in his eyes, I can see through them. I see his mind trying to work, to get the thoughts back together. I need his thoughts back in order, there are things that I just can't do without him. I miss the Kyo that was so rude and straight out mean. Although it was horrible I loved it, I knew he was actually paying attention to have such a strong reaction to something. Thinking of the old Kyo plasters a giant smile on my face.


I sat in the doctor's main office with Yuki at my side. My release date had finally come and I'd been waiting for this for ages.

"Well, Miss Honda. It seems as if you are all healed and ready to go home!"

I smiled gladly,

I'm so excited to finally get out of this place!

Yuki faintly smiled at my reaction, but lost the smile when the doctor mentioned Kyo.

"Kyo can't leave for a while longer. We don't want him making any sort of emotional bonds with anybody. If he gets his memory back he'll forget everything that he learned."

I sighed, "..but how will he get it back?"

The doctor gave me a reassuring smile,
"Don't worry Miss Honda, I have a nurse that's going to help Kyo remember. I just need a brief summary of the things that you two did together that would be memorizable."

The doctor handed me a pen and a clip board with paper. My hand was shaky, the last time I wrote I was in school. School. I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT SCHOOL. I scribble down the things I can remember most, well the world knows I was kidnapped. I'm pretty sure that was on the news.

•I was kidnapped and you tried to save me.

I clicked the pen a couple of times and wrote,


I didn't care if the doctors were suspicious, hopefully they think it's about a movie or something. Not much happened with me greatly involved in it besides getting kidnapped.

The Blood Red Moon

That was a beautiful sight, but that's the night that everything went down. That's one of the reasons I've been stuck in this place for so long.

Kenta's Older Sister

I'm pretty sure he still remembers Kenta. Why? He hates him!

I'm all out of ideas. I sigh loudly and fold the piece of paper in half, sliding it on the desk toward the doctor.

"Thank You." He murmured.

I faintly smiled, " No problem."


Yuki and I walk down the long corridor. I can see the exit, I can already smell the fresh air. I can see the sun's rays hitting the earth. Freedom. We get closer and closer to the door. With a steady push it opens and I stare at sky.

Yuki laughed lightly,
"You're so dramatic."

I look over and smile, I suddenly feel the cool fall breeze.

I shiver, "Oops forgot it was fall."

I look down at my short sleeves, at least its not a hospital gown.

"Come here," Yuki said sweetly while removing his jacket.

He held the thick jacket up to me,
"Here," He put it around my shoulders waiting for me to put my arms through,
"I already have a thick shirt on, so wear it."

I take the jacket, thankfully. I quick slip the jacket on my shivering arms. I feel the rush of instant warmth, I can see my breath in the air.

I giggle lightly,
"It smells like you Yuki."

He gives me a shy smile and walks faster, up ahead.

I walk faster, wanting to catch up with him.

*End of Tohru's POV*

Kyo stood by the window watching Tohru. He saw how Yuki gave her his jacket willingly.

Why can't I remember her?

A part of him wished it was himself. Giving her the jacket knowing he was a gentlemen.

He put his hand on the glass, making a mark on the foggy window.

Kyo was interrupted when a young nurse came into the room.

"Kyo Sohma?" She said in her sweetest tone.

Kyo turned sharply,


"I'm Mary. I'll be helping you with your memory."

Mary extended her hand and Kyo had no choice but to shake it.

Kyo sighed, he studied this young nurse.

She had hair so black it looked a deep purple. She had a full bright smile with dimples on her rosy red cheeks. Her emerald green eyes glimmered in the sunlight beaming in from the open window.

She's too young to be a nurse

Kyo thought bitterly.

Mary pulled out the piece of paper with Tohru's handwriting on it.

"Lets Chat."
Mary pulled a chair next to Kyo's hospital bed.

Kyo sat on the bed, he crossed his arms.

"Tohru Honda got kidnapped? Tell me about it."

Mary said eagerly, Mary faked her tone. She could care less about Tohru Honda.

Kyo stuttered in frustration.

"I-I don't remember. It's all happening to fast."

This is going to take a while.

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