Hi this is my new story! It's called "Kidnapped." It probably seems depressing but it's not! It's a Fruba story with an odd plot.

update- as of March 2015

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I will start writing now. (Not good at transitions) xD

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"Good-Bye Miss Honda, Have a good evening at work."

Yuki watched as I walked passed him. "Thanks, Yuki! And if I'm not back by dinner there's some onigiri in the fridge if you guys get hungry."

"Tohru you simply spoil us." Shigure walked in and grabbed a water from the fridge.

I giggled to myself and said,

"I should be going now! Bye Yuki! Bye Shigure!"

On my way out I ran into that publisher girl.

"I-is Shigure h-home?"

She questioned me. She looked like she hadn't slept in days. Her hair was in a messy bun and she had a big food stain on her blazer.

"Yea he is," I said.

"Go on in." She nodded her head in thanks and ran inside. Before, I actually left I climbed on the roof.

"Bye, Kyo!" I said.

"Bye, Tohru." He said.

I climbed down the ladder and met Momiji at the end of the road and we walked to the building I work at, one of Momiji's papa's building.


*hours later*

Yuki's P.O.V

I need to make my way to miss Honda before that stupid cat does. It's my turn to pick her up anyways. I walked toward the door and opened it. I headed into the cool air on my way to pick her up.

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